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BITCOINZ is a revolutionary digital currency. It has the fundamental characteristics of the BITCOIN & extra features to make our life easier.

        Here you will find useful tips, tutorials and articles about the digital coins (cryptocurrencies), the blockchain technology and how they work.


Here you will learn some of the latest news about BTCZ. In addition you can monitor in percentage circles , the progress of  several subprojects that are part of the  unique BTCZ Ecosystem.

EXPLORE THE bitcoinz ecosystem

 Learn about every part of the ever evolving BTCZ Ecosystem:  Its subprojects , the payment gateways, the type of wallets, the unique  BTCZ apps and all the innovative features they offer.


 In Cryptospedia every cryptocurrency definition is explained with simple words and paradigms. Ideal for any newcomer in the world of the digital coins! The whole site is using links leading to the Cryptospedia section.

Blockchain Education BLOG

This is a blog where you can find educational articles about the blockchain technology , how cryptocurrencies work and some tips that a newcomer should always know in order to be safe in the Cryptocurrencies world!


 An analytical  step by step guide. Here you will easily learn how to mine BTCZ with your device no matter the Operating System :  (Windows, MAC or Linux ).


 Learn everything about the wallet types that BTCZ is offering for every  different Operating System and Device. BTCZ has a free option for everyone and for every use!

Be careful with cryptocurrencies!

Before taking any decision to invest in cryptocurrencies, you have to understand how cryptocurrencies work, their special benefits and the many dangers of this new world. It is likely that you rarely notice such messages in sites that promote digital coins. However here in BITCOINZ Community, we do things differently! We keep you informed about every potential trap of Cryptospace so you can safely enjoy it without risking losing your assets. 


What is BitcoinZ ?

BitcoinZ (BTCZ) is a revolutionary digital coin (cryptocurrency) that was launched by anonymous founders as a gift to the world. 

It has the fundamentals of the well known Bitcoin :

It  is Community Driven, it has no owners or CEO, it implements the Proof of Work approach (it is minable like Bitcoin)  and it is ideologically based with a noble cause, targeting to offer worldwide free transactions with virtually zero cost for all.

Importantly, BTCZ has its own genesis block, it is not a Bitcoin fork and is not an airdropped coin to Bitcoin (or any other coin) owners.

Why BitcoinZ ?

BITCOINZ is one among the extremely few digital coins, which had a fair launch for everyone.

It combines NO premine, NO instamine, NO ICO sales and NO dev taxes! At the same time, BITCOINZ is a 100% Community Driven Project with NO CEO or Ownership and with strong Proof of Work character like the original Bitcoin. It pioneers in the implementation of ASIC resistant mining algorithms in order to maximize Decentralization and offers a series of innovative features, like optional privacy, that you can discover in this page!



BTCZ is designed with stable emissions plan and strict rules. Forks are allowed only  for security and scalability reasons,  not for speculation like with other cryptos. BTCZ had its own Genesis Block, it has never given any free coins to holders of other coins. 



BTCZ targets to offer both transparent and private transactions. The coin is offering the privacy option with the implementation of the ZK-SNARKS cryptography, making the user able to hide the information of his transactions.



 BTCZ is offering a significantly wide number of wallet types to be stored and used in. It has exclusively branded wallets and at the same time it is hosted in the most popular multiwallets like Coinomi, ZELCORE and SafePay , available for all the platforms in both mobile and desktop versions!


BTCZ  Community has a really noble long term target: to make the global transactions easier, faster and virtually free, with almost zero cost for everyone. 


Secure & FAST

 BTCZ is achieving considerably faster transaction speeds than the ones of the BITCOIN. At the same time  is ultra secure using the PoW protocol with improved ASIC-resistant algos for maximized decentralization, along with the “Zeuz’ FingerZ” tech.

The importance of the Community character and the Proof of Work Protocol in a cryptocurrency Project


The fact that a project is community driven (without any owner) and at the same time follows the Proof of Work protocol, is extremely important because these are the really revolutionary characteristics of the original BITCOIN that made it a huge success and established it despite the war of the governments and the banks. In such Cryptocurrency networks, all the crucial transaction information (blockchain data) is saved by everyone who wish to be a part of its network, empowering it. This way, there are copies of the data everywhere and you don’t have to trust an organization for the storage of your funds and their transaction history.

Maybe you had missed something important….

Have you watched the premiere of BITCOINZ’s DYNAMIC ROADMAP?


 BITCOINZ is the first Cryptocurrency which has launched a DYNAMIC ROADMAP: This is an ever evolving and Community oriented Roadmap that is not static. Everything is possible with the members of the Community voting for either prioritizing , postponing or even removing or adding targets and subprojects for the BTCZ Ecosystem!

BITCOINZ Histograms

Take a look into our Histograms and realize how hard work the BitcoinZ Community delivers every year in order to achieve the most of its Roadmap’s targets.





1. Don’t forget that cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile assets and you should never invest funds that you don’t afford to lose.

2. Please have always in mind that each cryptocurrency exchange is unique and has its own set of rules and client base. Cryptocurrency exchanges are completely independent businesses and are not controlled by the digital coin developers or the digital coin Communities . You should always make a research for reviews, verifying their trustworthiness before using them. Furthermore , you should never use an exchange account for storing digital coins as there is always a possibility to lose your funds! Read more tips about choosing the right exchange in our upcoming guide here.

Where to use BITCOINZ

These are just some indicative examples of BTCZ accepting places around the world. For a full list, with geographical filters you can also visit https://btczdirectory.com/



BITCOINZ logo is fixed in Blockfolio!

BITCOINZ logo is fixed in Blockfolio!

There had been reports of users , complaining about the BTCZ logo in the Blockfolio platform, saying that the colours were wrong. The BITCOINZ logo has now been upgraded to the refreshed 2020 version and looks really great! Blockfolio is the no1 crypto portfolio...

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The BITCOINZ Community is releasing a history diagram for every year of the Project's life. These diagrams are presenting some of the most important events and advancements of the BITCOINZ Project that took place during the corresponding time frame. This tradition of...

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ZBRAIN Meeting Completed

ZBRAIN Meeting Completed

The ZBrain Meeting of September 12th 2020 has been completed! Thanks to everyone who has participated and special regards to our guest, Corey from Vidulum Project! The whole meeting will be soon available in the BTCZ Radio and the Youtube Community channel. The...

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