A new page about the BITCOINZ halving has been added in our site!

The visitors can find it under the “NEWS” menu option as “BITCOINZ HALVING“. There they can learn more about what is a halving for a pure, mineable cryptocurrency and why it is so important.



BITCOINZ is among the very few real cryptocurrencies that have never acted as a central authority. Since it is 100% Community driven and hasn’t ever issued any coins, distributing them to any founders addresses. All its coin supply is distributed only to its Community.

BITCOINZ had NO premine, NO ICO sales, NO founder’s tax and it is mineable only by PCs. In contrast with the most coins that follow the Proof of Stake model or that are mineable only by ASICs that are owned by elites of very rich people and companies.

So, with BITCOINZ the world community can have a truly fair transaction network enjoying freedom and ~zero fees. A decentralized ecosystem where everybody can take place , participating in its development and expansion.



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