The BTCZ Community can use the included information in order to apply for BITCOINZ listings in new platforms like exchanges, mining pools or service providers.

A good example is the recent wave of applications for the TradeOgre exchange.

Many members of the BitcoinZ Discord channel have already applied for this exchange because it has a decent fame, it has no KYC (Know Your Client) procedures and accepts US clients.

The form in order to apply for a BITCOINZ listing is here 

Apply for BitcoinZ Listings

What kind of information do I need in order to apply?

The information that you are going to need in the most cases is :

1) The full name (BITCOINZ) and the ticker (BTCZ) of the asset.

2) The BITCOINZ Github 

3) The technology of the coin : ZCash (if there is no other option : Bitcoin)

4) The official site : GETBTCZ.COM

5) The BITCOINZ Discord 

6) The BITCOINZ Announcement thread in the BitcoinTalk Forum

7) The BITCOINZ Explorer

8) A List with the BITCOINZ Mining Pools


BitcoinZ in TradeOgre

Why you would like to see the specific asset available in our platform?


Sometimes a platform might ask “Why you would like to see the specific asset available in our platform?”

Of course the answers for BITCOINZ could be countless. Each of us can underline a different aspect of why BITCOINZ is so unique :

Its community character as it has no company or CEO deciding for its future.

Its fair launch without any premine or instamine.

Its scam-proof nature as it had no ICO-sales so even its anonymous founders have no advantage over a user that discovered the Project later.

The fact that it is the older “Bitcoin” named digital coin that has a unique blockchain with its own genesis block. It never forkdropped any free coins to bitcoin holders like so many BTC chainforks have done in order to gain free exposure by simply making a rich cryptocurrency elite even richer,  without in reality solving any Bitcoin’s weaknesses.

The ~zero fees, the privacy features, the scalability fixes and many more that is offering.

The ASIC resistant algos for which the BITCOINZ Community has pioneered in order to protect the PC miners from the few ASIC owners. Ensuring this way that everyone can support its cryptocurrency network enjoying a meaningful mining reward.

The slow, deflating, non-speculative halvings of the mining rewards every 4 years that truly give time to more people to join the Project. This way a more fair and decentralized distribution of the coins is achievable. At the same time, the approach comes in contrary with the inflative “Defi” models that lead to a FIAT-like inflation bubble which is totally unrelated with the original cryptocurrency idea.

The friendly nature of the BITCOINZ Community  that try to help everyone in order to understand the Cryptocurrency world. The Cryptospedia project that offers explaining articles and tutorials for all the cryptocurrency definitions.

This list can go on for many pages…!

Bitcoin named coins in one table

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