An army of active people in social media that will fight for spreading the original cryptocurrency idea.

This is the concept of  the “Army-Z” project.

BITCOINZ Community has been distinguished all these years for its high level of engagement. A cryptocurrency without active community members is a dead cryptocurrency.

We can see countless projects that try to build an image of “strong” social media profiles with many thousands of followers. However the vast majority of them use fake followers that are bought in packages, with zero interaction. 


How do I separate the “scam” social media profiles?

An example are the twitter profiles with thousands of supposed followers that many projects demonstrate but at the same time with tweets that have no retweets or no likes! Same thing happens with Reddit, Facebook etc.

The big brands (which usually buy some followers for their image as well) have an average of 0.5% engagement which is the sum of likes, comments & shares/retweets.

So any social profile that has lower than 0.5% engagement means that it is a mostly fake social media profile. For example a 3000 followers twitter profile should have an average of at least 15 retweets/likes/comments.

Unfortunately, in crypto you will find many 3k-100k twitter profiles that have next to zero interaction. Almost everything is fake or inflated with fake numbers. 


scammy social media profiles

What about BITCOINZ ?

The BITCOINZ Community has chosen the hard way of truth and honesty, since it serves the original cryptocurrency idea.

This could not be different for its social media presence. The project is building its social media exposure organically, only with real people. Its users’ interaction level is remarkable, with an average that many times passes even the 4% level (!).

The above means a lot for BITCOINZ’s potential and the quality of its Community.


Some might wonder : Why BITCOINZ is so successful with its community?

We should not forget one important factor here: BITCOINZ is 100% PoW, 100% Community Driven, has zero premine, no ICO sales, PC mining algo, its own genesis block (it is not a fork), independent blockchain (it is not a token), privacy, scalability and virtually zero fees.

Therefore it is a rare cryptocurrency gem that honors the pure crypto idea with decentralization in every level :

1) The network as it supports PC mining.

2) The distribution of coins with its fair rules and zero coins allocated to any founders.

3) The governance since there is no CEO & no company behind it.

The aforementioned energize the supporters of BITCOINZ with extra will and higher engagement.

Because it is extra important for everyone who spreads the word about something to know that he does the right thing, serving ideals and a noble cause. Not just a short time speculation.

BITCOINZ Community’s most important principles are the team spirit, the positive energy and the dissemination of knowledge.

The increase of the BTCZ coin’s value will come through the realization of the original cryptocurrency idea by more people, the development of its ecosystem and the implementation of the coin in their lives.

We are not here just to “pump” the asset with fireworks & announcements for a few weeks like so many scam projects do before they disappear, just for profiting from ignorant people’s hard earned funds.

Cryptocurrencies were not supposed to be like this, gambling with countless useless tokens and paying gas fees to projects like ETH or BSC, whose initial supply was heavily premined or totally owned by their founders. Projects that in practice act as a ponzi-scheme in order to make their founders even richer.

This is a disgrace hence the original cryptocurrency idea was about freedom and having an alternative network of transactions with fair rules and no central authority.

So we have to be ready for a long war.


BTCZ Infosphere

But don’t all care only for money in crypto?

For all the previously described, BITCOINZ  is very different from the “pump ‘n dump” projects. We totally understand that an investor or a random guy may not care for anything else than $$. However not all people are like this.

There are people who care for the pure crypto ideology, decentralization and fair rules.
Or other people who of course like having a great profit but not with blood money, money that come from scams.
Or other people who enjoy being a member of team. Creative ones that feel wonderful when they ‘re putting their puzzle piece in a worldwide fair project.
Bitcoinz is for all the above extra categories and if an investor sees a profit potential because of these, he is free to join the community as well!



Army-Z: We are building an army!

Recently our Community voted for the usage of a certain yearly budget coming from the Community funds in order to fund Army-Z. The most active members of our Community that form this army will be rewarded with BTCZ coin rewards every week!

There are several mini videos available in order to explain how a member can help and a dedicated Army-Z site is coming soon.

Everyone who wishes to support the project and join our highly active team that works for the social expansion of BITCOINZ, is free to do so!

He has to only join our Discord Server and ask to join Army-Z.

What I have to do as an Army-Z fighter ?

The goal of Army – Z is to get the Community involved to grow our Reach and Awareness of the BitcoinZ Project. Many of these actions may seem simple and easy, and they are!  …..But these actions have great effect on growing the project when done in great volumeThe More Actions Completed, the Faster and Larger we can grow!

Feel free to download this card that contains everything you need to know!


ArmyZ guide BITCOINZ

The sections 1+2  are super important in order to successfully spread the word about the project.

The sections 3+4+5+6 require mostly one-time actions  & maybe a revisit only every few months (if you wish to follow more new profiles for example in the #getfollowers channel or re-invite some friends to follow BITCOINZ).

You will dedicate just a few minutes in order to :

-follow the community social media profiles & subscribe to the youtube channels that are provide BTCZ related content (~1 minute for all 6 apps)

-invite friends to do the same (~2 minutes)

-let your social media profile in the #getfollowers subchannel of the BITCOINZ Discord server. (~20 seconds)

-follow all the members who have let their own profiles in the #getfollowers (like they will do for the others). (~5 minutes)

-download the Vidulum wallet and set it up for accepting BITCOINZ rewards with the Discord Tip Bot authorization. (~2 minutes)

-(optionally) download material that you might wish to use in your tweets, comments etc

All the above require only about 10 minutes and are a one-time procedure!

Therefore the only element from the sections 3-4-5-6 that requires your presence from time to time is the 5.1 : to check the #armyZ channel in the BTCZ Discord for community tasks in different social media apps every week asking just for your interaction (sections 1+2)  like post shares, likes and a small comment.

So simple! Actually all you need is just few minutes every week and you will enjoy a wonderful team work experience and BITCOINZ rewards in your Vidulum wallet!


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