1) What exactly is ArmyZ  and why should I join it?  

ArmyZ is the social army of BITCOINZ, people who are spreading the word about the original cryptocurrency idea, fighting for a world of Freedom and Independency. A world with Decentralized transaction networks that are not controlled by any central authority like, unfortunately, so many fake crypto projects do in practice.  

You should join ArmyZ for two reasons:  

First of all in order to support the aforementioned by supporting BITCOINZ, a project with zero premine and fair rules.  

Secondly because you can earn BITCOINZ coin rewards every week which can be more as you gain medals that are associated with ranks.  



2) Are these ArmyZ coin rewards just a competition or something ? Competitions seem “scammy” in crypto.  

No, this is not a competition. By joining ArmyZ you secure your weekly reward as long as you stay active in social media applications like Twitter, Discord, Reddit, Facebook etc or as you create BTCZ related content like small articles, artworks, animations, youtube videos etc



BitcoinZ Army FAQ

3) How do I join the ArmyZ?  

The steps are the same with  the classic ArmyZ concept and it is very easy,  :  

1) Just join the BITCOINZ Discord server. There you will add your social media profile(s), with which you intend to support the Project, in the #joinarmyz-getfollowers subchannel. In this list you can follow other members in order to help make their profiles stronger, with more followers, like they will do back for you.  

2) Share the recent posts of the Official BitcoinZ Community Twitter profile in your twitter, just ask the moderators in the BTCZ Discord to add you in the ArmyZ. (they would do it anyway after checking your twitter profile) 

That’s it!

From now on, you will be enjoying bitcoinz coin rewards in your tip.cc wallet that is connected with your Duscord account!  Anytime that the administrators make payments to the ArmyZ team. 

Spread the word about the Project and the original cryptocurrency idea in more social media platforms, interact with the relevant BitcoinZ Community accounts, organize your activity together with other members in the BTCZ Discord Server and get even more medals. Your weekly rewards will be increasing with more medals! 

Most importantly you will enjoy the team work and Community spirit! BitcoinZ has no company behind it, the power of the project is you and everyone else in its Community.

*When tip.cc commands are not available due to technical issues, the community can use alternatively Vidulum wallet so consider having a Vidulum account as well and the TipBot enabled.


4)  Where do these coins come from ? Isn’t BITCOINZ a Proof of Work only coin?  

 Yes, BITCOINZ is a 100% Proof of Work coin, so every single BTCZ coin that exists has been created only by mining. The coins that are given as reward to the ArmyZ members come from the Community Fund of the Project. The BITCOINZ Community had voted for this plan and its budget in the BitcoinZ Forum.  


 5) Which is the potential value of my weekly rewards?  

 The future value of your rewards is very difficult to predict. It depends on how popular the BITCOINZ project will get.

The only sure thing is that with armyZ, BITCOINZ is the first real crypto that offers the opportunity to people to earn it without any mining equipment and without owning any other asset. Just by being active in the social media and helping other people to understand the original cryptocurrency idea. It’s a win/win situation because even poor people can participate in this, gaining BTCZ coins and fight for the project’s popularity. It’s a win/win plan with fair rules and noble cause.  

 6)  How do I know that only the active people are ArmyZ members? Isn’t possible that somebody is asking to join just for the rewards, without actually interacting with the Project?  

BitcoinZ Army’s admins (aka Generals) who are also active in the BITCOINZ Discord server will be monitoring the relevant social media profiles that the ArmyZ members add in the #joinarmyz-getfollowers list.  So they will be removing from ArmyZ the owners of any social media profiles that don’t have interactions with the Project. Beside that, the activity of all BitcoinZ Army’s members is reviewed from time to time with the most active of them gaining higher ranks and the less active staying stagnant or even losing ranks.  

This is necessary in order to make this mechanism fair for the other members that work hard for spreading the word about BITCOINZ. However, even an “expelled” ArmyZ member can ask to re-join ArmyZ anytime that feels able to dedicate few minutes for the project.  

 7) Which are the medals/ranks for the BitcoinZ Army ? These are only about social media activity?

No these are not only about social media activity but for contect creation as well.

So, beyond the very basic medal of “BitcoinZ Army member”, there are two different categories of medals, that are called functions:

The Social Media medals : Fighter’s → Knight’s → Veteran’s

The Content Creation medals : Enchanter’s → Magician’s → Archmage’s

Finally there is a special General’s medal that is granted to Army-Z supervisors who come from the Community’s social media admin team or the Project’s development team or Army-Z Veterans.

Each medal/rank has a relevant pool with weekly rewards that are distributed every Friday exclusively to the members that have these medals/ranks.

 The future value of your rewards is very difficult to predict. It depends on how popular the BITCOINZ project will get.

The only sure thing is that with armyZ, BITCOINZ is the first real crypto that offers the opportunity to people to earn it without any mining equipment and without owning any other asset. Just by being active in social media and helping other people to understand the original cryptocurrency idea. It’s a win/win situation because even poor people can participate in this, gaining BTCZ coins and fight for the project’s popularity. A win/win plan with fair rules and noble cause.  

 8Which are the BitcoinZ rewards that are assigned to each medal/rank?

The rewards for each medal/rank are described in the table below.

For example, the “basic” Army-Z members have access to the Army-Z members’ rewards that are 10,000 BTCZ coins per week.

The Army-Z Fighters have access to the Fighters’ rewards that are 15,000 BTCZ per week, the Army-Z Knights have access to the Knights’ rewards that are 17,500 BTCZ per week and so on.


9) How exactly do I advance to the next rank, getting extra medals ?

In order to advance to the next level/rank , a member has to fulfill its requirements and to first acquire the previous one in the same “chain”. The exact requirements are described in the card below.

A Fighter has to first become an Army-Z member.

A Knight has to first become a Fighter and so on.

So a Fighter has already the Army-Z members’ medal and of course the Fighters’ one, receiving rewards from both of these pools of rewards every week.

In the same way, a Knight has the Army-Z members’, Fighters’ and Knights’ medals and he is receiving rewards from all these relevant pools of rewards.

Obviously, as the requirements are higher for each rank , the members that are eligible to receive a higher rank’s rewards are less and the rewards are much better as more coins are distributed to less people. 
In contrast, the list with the members that have received the “basic” Army-Z medal is much more populated. Thus more people who have a basic level of activity are getting coins from the very same pool of rewards.

10) How fast can I ascend to higher ranks and how do I get my rewards?

You can gain some medals quite fast but as you ascend to higher ranks, you have to fulfill harder requirements like being active consistently for some months,
having more followers, using more than one social media platform etc. This way the project makes it extremely harder for a bad actor to ascend to higher ranks for example.

 About your rewards, all you have to do is to enable in your Vidulum wallet the Discord tipbot.

After joining the BitcoinZ army and receiving even your very first medal / rank, you will be able to automatically receive coins from the BitcoinZ Army weekly rewards and also from any donor who makes “rains” to the whole army!

Vidulum is a non-custodial wallet that you can access even by web browsers. Just remember to always backup your private keys and never share them.

11) Is there any possibility to lose a medal? What if I could not fulfill a rank’s requirements for just a couple of weeks?

Of course you can even lose a medal and fall in the lower rank. The Army-Z administrators (Generals) review if the members deserve their ranks or not.
If you could not fulfill your rank’s requirements for a couple of weeks, the Generals most possibly won’t downgrade you immediately.
However, take in mind that if you do that repeatedly or almost constantly ignore some of your rank’s requirements, you will be downgraded to the lower rank.

The administrators first of all check the bigger image for each member. For example a member with a history of super high activity that had no time for a couple of weeks will be treated in a much more elastic way in comparison with someone who spreads the word for a week and disappears.


12) Can I gain again a “lost” medal after a downgrade?

Definititely yes, there are no “hard feelings” after a downgrade. Simply the Generals try to make this mechanism as fair as possible for everyone. It would be unfair for someone who ceased to participate
for a long time, to enjoy the same rewards with another member that works hard everyday. Isn’t it ?

When someone is absent for a certain period of time will most possibly lose his rank but the member is free to take action again and gain the medals back or even ascend to higher level than before.
The Generals can easily understand when  Army-Z members have pauses in their activity due to time shortage or because of an abuse. For example a lost medallion due to time shortage, can be gained back much faster.
A lost medallion because of a repeating abuse, for example someone with a “spammy” looking twitter profile that shares unnumbered posts from multiple projects that intentionally made a couple of shares in order to gain a rank and stopped posting about BitcoinZ will be treated in a completely different way
in comparison with a classically active member that had no time for social media posting.

13) Are there any exceptions to the requirement rules for each rank?

Yes, it is possible to see in few cases some exceptions. This happens, as it was originally described in the voted proposal, for those members that received honorary medals.

In such rare scenarios, a Community member that has offered great benefits to BitcoinZ with a kind of activity that was not related either with social media activity or content creation, is honorary granted with a medal for his/her contribution. An example can be a developer from a third Project that decisively helped BitcoinZ, a member that arranged a great deal for the Community saving a lot of funds or a member that has extremely high activity in a platform like Discord or Telegram helping other members etc

Another scenario for exceptions is when the Generals notice that some members try really hard but they don’t fulfill the followers requirement for the next rank/medal. In such cases the Generals can proceed with the upgrade with just the 50% of the required followers. This can take place with extremely active members that have mature twitter profiles but lag in followers gain.

The followers requirement is mostly a measure in order to discourage people from creating accounts just in order to ascend in BitcoinZ Army and in order to motivate the Community members to follow each other, leading to stronger social media profiles with more followers.

14)  How Generals organize this and take decisions? Is there a point system or something?

There is no public point system. The Community can see publicly just the ranks of each member.
The Generals who administrate this mechanism have a specific number of Army-Z members under their radar, reviewing their social activity from time to time. The Army-Z members have let their associated profiles in the social media where they are supposed to spread
the word about the original cryptocurrency idea and BitcoinZ so the Generals can easily check their timelines every few days and even keep some notes about members who are highly active, possibly eligible for a higher level or for others who possibly abuse their rank and have stopped sharing even
important posts about BitcoinZ.

15) Are the Generals always right in their decisions ?

Generals’ choices are based on the rules/requirements that have been set for each rank. Some decisions though, have to be made in different scenarios (like how fast a member will be downgraded if it gets inactive, how fast someone will re-gain medals if he is active again etc) so it is possible that under certain circumstances, some members might feel that they were treated in a not so fair way in comparison with other members.

We have to realize that the Generals are not divine, they are members of the BitcoinZ Community who have the mission to make the BTCZ Army mechanism as effective as possible. Exactly like the whole Community asked for, by voting the relevant ArmyZ proposal.
Their choices can be sometimes not perfect but they are trying to do their best in this difficult role. The Generals are highly active members who have in practice contributed to the Community for a long time and care for the Project’s prosperity.
They have no reason to treat any member unfairly. We should all help them to do their work more effectively. If we feel that something is not right we can send a report to the Generals and they will check it as soon as possible.
If there is an ambivalent or difficult situation, the Generals can even make a council session in order to take a decision by voting, so even if you think that one specific General has mistreated you, there are at least two others who will check any issue and revisit any unfairness.

16) What if a General is going to be away for a long period of time?

If a General has either disappeared or warns that he is not going to be around for more than one month, another General is chosen by the Council of the Generals to replace him/her.
The Generals can be chosen from classic members who have contributed in the Project as Moderators, Social media account admins and Developers or from the oldest Army-Z members of the highest classes (Veterans/Archmages).
This happens in order to ensure that the position is given to members that have an excellent knowledge about the the BTCZ Community, the BitcoinZ Project’s fundamentals and targets and have proven that they are not
among the opportunistic “Crypto tourists” that jump from project to project every few weeks, many times having a bad actor’s agenda. At last but not least this way we ensure that the Generals are going to have a high quality behavioral level.



17) What if the BitcoinZ Army expands more and the Generals find it difficult to manage it ?

This is predicted in the original proposal. Each General manages up to 50 members maximum and the mechanism was launched with 3 Generals and about 100 members. When the BitcoinZ Army gets more than 150 members, there will be an extra 4th General, with 200+ members there will be a 5th General
and so on. The Generals are chosen by the council of the Generals and in the extreme scenario that there is a tie, the Council of the Developers will make the final choice

18)   Any guidelines for each social media app ?  

  • For Twitter users : Retweeting  is the most important thing. Without our retweets, a post is weak. Extra interactions like comments give creditability to posts. Beside our profile’s posts, we should always target important tweets –coming from exchanges or influencers- where the community can let comments, informative cards or memes about BITCOINZ in order to gain impressions. At last but not least, don’t forget to always add some related hashtags like #BITCOINZ #BTCZ and tag other people to attract their attention!

  • For Facebook: Sharing and Commenting the official BTCZ posts is crucial. Facebook is a platform where we can easily target the relevant pages of big exchanges and comment about BitcoinZ spreading awareness. Finding crypto related groups in FB and informing people in order to help them discover a real cryptocurrency and avoid the unnumbered scams is another good formula.

  • For Reddit users : Always upvote a Reddit post about BITCOINZ and all the positive comments under it! Don’t forget that  karma is the key for Reddit accounts. So when the community members upvote each other’s comments , they are increasing their karma , leading to stronger accounts. Accounts with higher karma are able to post things in certain channels with many thousands or even millions members, gaining extra exposure for the Project. There of course the situation is much harder with people from other projects serving different purposes (some of them completely scam) may downvote or negatively comment our posts. That’s why we have to always support the BITCOINZ posts in other Reddit channels, outside of the our channel’s “safety”. Upvote the posts , the positive comments and downvote every negative comment.   For those who wish to easily build karma : Interact in our Reddit channel with other members of the Community. Just visit it during the week, upvote all the recent posts, let a small comment under them and upvote all the positive comments. If you have some extra minutes also write a small post. Soon you will see your karma exploding!    



BitcoinZ Army Guide

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