1) What exactly is ArmyZ  and why should I join it?  

ArmyZ is the social army of BITCOINZ, people who are spreading the word about the original cryptocurrency idea, fighting for  a world of Freedom and Independence. A world with Decentralized transaction networks that are not controlled by any central authority like unfortunately  in practice so many fake crypto projects do.  

You should join ArmyZ for two reasons:  

First of all in order to support the aforementioned by supporting BITCOINZ, a project with zero premine and fair rules.  

Secondly because you can earn BITCOINZ coin rewards every week.  



2) Are these ArmyZ coin rewards just a competition or something ? Competitions seem “scammy” in crypto.  

No, this is not a competition. By joining ArmyZ you  secure your weekly reward as long as you are active in social media applications like Twitter, Discord, Reddit, Facebook etc.  




3) How do I join the ArmyZ?  

 It is very easy :  

– Just join the BITCOINZ Discord server. There you will add your social media profile(s), with which you intend to support the Project, in the #getfollowers subchannel. In this list you can follow other members in order to help make their profiles stronger, with more followers, like they will do for you.  

-Install the Vidulum multi-wallet app and enable the Discord Tipping Bot from the Settings of the wallet.  

-After completing the above, go in the BTCZ Discord and ask the mods to add you in the ArmyZ. That’s it! From now on, you will be enjoying bitcoinz coin rewards in your connected vidulum wallet, anytime that the administrators make payments to the ArmyZ team.  


4)  Where do these coins come from ? Isn’t BITCOINZ a Proof of Work only coin?  

 Yes, BITCOINZ is a 100% Proof of Work coin, so every single BTCZ coin that exists has been created only by mining. The coins that are given as reward to the ArmyZ members come from the Community Fund of the Project. The BITCOINZ Community had voted for this plan.  


5) Which is the potential value of my weekly rewards?  

 The future value of your rewards is very difficult to predict. It depends on how popular the BITCOINZ project will get.

The only sure thing is that with armyZ, BITCOINZ is the first real crypto that offers the opportunity to people to earn it without any mining equipment and without owning any other asset. Just by being active in the social media and helping other people to understand the original cryptocurrency idea. It’s a win/win situation because even poor people can participate in this, gaining BTCZ coins and fight for the project’s popularity. It’s a win/win plan with fair rules and noble cause.  

 6)  How do I know that only the active people are ArmyZ members? Isn’t possible that somebody is asking to join just for the rewards, without actually interacting with the Project?  

The moderators & admins of the BITCOINZ Discord server will be monitoring the relevant social media profiles that the ArmyZ members add in the #getfollowers list.  So they will be removing from ArmyZ the owners of any social media profiles that don’t have interactions with the Project.  

This is necessary in order to make this fair for the other members that work hard for spreading the word about BITCOINZ. However, an “expelled” ArmyZ member can ask to re-join ArmyZ anytime that feels able to dedicate few minutes.  

ArmyZ guide BITCOINZ

7) What is the level of the “required” activity in order to retain my “ArmyZ Fighter” status ?  

We respect the unique way that each member chooses in order to interact with the project. We don’t require a huge number of shares in different social media applications in weekly base.  

The members usually understand by their own that with higher engagement , especially with shares in multiple social media apps, the outcome will be much better for the Project and thus for their coins. Hence more people are going to learn about the original crypto idea and higher value will be achieved with increasing popularity.  

Despite the aforementioned, some might attempt to join ArmyZ with zero or very low activity.    

ArmyZ members that seem to be inactive for many days or with profiles that don’t interact with the project, will be removed from the ArmyZ.  

At least until they feel ready to dedicate few minutes for spreading the word about BITCOINZ, so they can then ask to re-join ArmyZ.  


8) How the most active members will be rewarded?  

The highly active members that participate in multiple social media platforms, spread positive energy in the BITCOINZ Discord and interact extremely frequently with the project, will enjoy “Veteran” status in the future, with access to extra weekly rewards.

At the same time there is an increased possibility for them to receive personalized tips by members that watch everyday the BITCOINZ Discord action. This is the magical element of a Community Driven Project !  


9)  Ok, I just joined ArmyZ and I really wish to be a glorious ArmyZ Fighter, helping BITCOINZ to be more popular. What should I do ?  

  • Find 5 free minutes and follow everyone in the #getfollowers channel in the BITCOINZ Discord . It is where you added your social media profile(s) in order to join ArmyZ. By following everyone else there (especially the twitter profiles), you help the Community members to build stronger accounts, with more followers, making it much easier to build a trending word like “#BITCOINZ” in Twitter. Additionally you help with the interconnection of the whole Community in the social media applications, since by having more friends that share bitcoinz content, you make it much easier to get any news spread faster.  

  • Follow all the social media profiles of the BITCOINZ Community and try to always share their posts. Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn are platforms that we should all target.  

  •  Always dedicate a minute during the day to check the Discord #General channel or the Discord #ArmyZ channel for extra tasks or ideas that many active members share. The BITCOINZ Discord Server is like headquarters for the Project. There you can find links with BITCOINZ posts to share, links with msgs coming from influencers or exchanges where you can comment about our Project and extra things to do like voting for BTCZ events, writing a mini review in platform etc  

  • Never think “My own action is going to make any difference?”  Many small actions can bring a massive result. We can do miracles all together. Always share posts and try to interact by leaving a comment.  


10) Where I can find content about BITCOINZ in order to use it in social media apps?

BITCOINZ Community has maybe one of the greatest artwork collections in the Cryptoworld. Informative cards, mini ad-like videos, analytical video tutorials,  memes and many more are available for the Community. Some good places to get these are :


The BITCOINZ Artwork library for logos, cards, memes, diagrams and more. There  every user can upload even his own creations !

The Cryptospedia.com site for articles and informative artworks.

The Cryptospedia Youtube Channel for BITCOINZ tutorials and presentations

The bitcoinzarmy.com for armyz how-to videos

The BITCOINZ Discord channel where you can get content in the #btcz-videos and #btcz-memes sub-channels.

11)   Any guidelines for each social media app ?  

  • For Twitter users : Retweeting  is the most important thing. Without our retweets, a post is weak. Extra interactions like comments give creditability to posts. Beside our profile’s posts, we should always target important tweets –coming from exchanges or influencers- where the community can let comments, informative cards or memes about BITCOINZ in order to gain impressions. At last but not least, don’t forget to always add some related hashtags like #BITCOINZ #BTCZ.   

  • For Reddit users : Always upvote a Reddit post about BITCOINZ and all the positive comments under it! Don’t forget that  karma is the key for Reddit accounts. So when the community members upvote each other’s comments , they are increasing their karma , leading to stronger accounts. Accounts with higher karma are able to post things in certain channels with many thousands or even millions members, gaining extra exposure for the Project. There of course the situation is much harder with people from other projects serving different purposes (some of them completely scam) may downvote or negatively comment our posts. That’s why we have to always support the BITCOINZ posts in other Reddit channels, outside of the our channel’s “safety”. Upvote the posts ,the positive comments and downvote every negative comment.   For those who wish to easily build karma : Interact in our Reddit channel with other members of the Community. Just visit it during the week, upvote all the recent posts, let a small comment under them and upvote all the positive comments. If you have some extra minutes also write a small post. Soon you will see your karma exploding!    

For analytical info about each social media app and many tips about how you can help BITCOINZ, you can visit bitcoinzarmy.com.

There you will  find many small videos explaining in a very simple way everything! 

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