BITCOINZ Community has achieved to take the 1st place in the voting competition of Cryptocurrency Checkout!

The 1st Project is winning a free listing in the Cryptocurrency Checkout payment gateways. Their team is specialized in developing payment solutions that host multiple digital coins.



Congratulations to all the BTCZ Community members which had a great participation and engagement rate.

This is not something new, because they feel that the BitcoinZ Project is truly on their hands and not on a closed group’s hands. Since BITCOINZ is a 100% Community Driven Project with anonymous founders that made the project as a gift to the world. With the fundamentals of the classic Bitcoin and all the needed fixes for its known shortcomings.

Kind regards to the Cryptocurrency Checkout Project which ensured that this voting procedure was really pure. Without any usual bot-votes, something that unfortunately takes place very often in such events.


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