BitcoinZ Community has released the first video from the new BTCZ video series.

It came after the teaser that was released a couple of days earlier.

It is a promotional and informative video that is already available in the Community’s Youtube channel. The central idea behind it, is to make crystal clear why BitcoinZ is using the name of the classic Bitcoin.

This happens because BitcoinZ implemented all the good elements of Bitcoin without being its chainfork! BitcoinZ had its very own genesis block and many completely new characteristics liek privacy, ultra low fees, faster transactions, ASIC resistant mining algorithm and more.


Many people when see the “Bitcoin” in another cryptocurrency‘s name , they automatically think that it is a chainfork. A project that aidropped free coins to BTC owners and that it was just an easy copy that tried to take advantage of the free exposure with the chain-fork.

This is quite true for many cryptocurrencies but obsiously it doesn’t happen for BitcoinZ. Enjoy the full video that presents all the benefits that BitcoinZ has offered to the world, keeping at the same time all the great characteristics of Bitcoin, like the P2P PoW approach, the anonymous launch, the zero premine, the lack of ICO sales and dev taxes.

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