BITCOINZ has certain immutable parameters

What we mean with this phrase about BITCOINZ and other cryptocurrencies like the classic Bitcoin? The answers are more important than some might think !


What “Immutability” and “Irreversibility” means for crypto?

The very meaning of the cryptocurrency idea, expressed with the classic BITCOIN project, is inextricably linked with the immutability and irreversibility of certain parameters.

The original crypto idea is based on immutable numbers and strict rules that are pre-defined. 

Some examples follow :

1) The maximum supply of the digital coin.

Without an immutable, fixed maximum supply, the coin would be unable to act as a deflationary asset. Inflation kills the value of a coin over time.

2) The coins that are offered as block rewards and the plan of their change.

Without a well defined and immutable plan for the mining rewards, an original crypto cannot be considered trustworthy. Unfortunately there are many projects that change or break their own rules and use several tricks to manipulate the market.

Speculative halving plans, coin burns and sneaky changes for their emission plans are just some examples.

3) Honoring certain fundamentals that are described in the “white paper” of each project. It is crucial for a project to follow the same values and serve the very same purposes that had been well described during its foundation.

In the world of cryptocurrencies, the most projects tend to present impressive white papers and roadmaps but the reality is very far from them. Even worse, a huge majority of them are “screamingly” speculative projects that are totally unrelated with the original cryptocurrency idea.


BITCOINZ is truly immutable and irreversible

BitcoinZ, launched on 2017 and being a 100% Community Driven project fulfills all the aforementioned.

1) It has a fixed immutable maximum supply of 21 Billion coins. This means that there will be no more Bitcoinz coins than these.

2) Its block rewards plan is 100% fair and immutable as a hourly- daily – monthly etc outcome. For example even if the block time is reduced for higher transaction speeds, the offered rewards would be again similar per hour, just split in more block rewards since we would have more blocks per hour.

3) For all these years, the BITCOINZ Community can be proud for at least one thing : The project serves the original cryptocurrency idea and values like Freedom, Democracy and Decentralization.

For the aforementioned reason the “BITCOIN” name was used from the first place, due to the fact that BITCOINZ offered real solutions to all the Bitcoin’s shortcomings, without at the same time cancelling any of its fair fundamentals. Like the Z optional private addresses, the ASICs resistant algorithms, the ~ZERO fees, the increased scalability and more. Keeping at the same time the “m-u-s-t” crypto rules like NO premine, NO CEO, NO ICO sales, NO instamine, Fixed max supply , fair halving plan etc

This is the huge difference between BITCOINZ and the thousands speculative projects that pretended to be “cryptocurrencies” but actually they acted as Central Authorities by issuing and allocating coins to their founder’s addresses out of nowhere (premine, ICO sales) . Following almost the same logic that big Companies and Central Banks use.

All these were not what an original cryptocurrency was supposed to fight?

-By offering an alternative network of transactions to everyone with no need of any third “trusted” parties.

-By giving the opportunity to everyone who wishes so, to participate, to be a part of the network gaining rewards according to their work (proof of work). Fairly.

-By respecting the right for justice and granting  an equal level of privacy to everyone.

-By respecting the Community majority’s decisions democratically when (and only) these honor all the project’s aforementioned and well-described foundation rules and noble causes.

The above can be achieved only with a fair and real cryptocurrency project like BITCOINZ.

Even the classic Bitcoin, with the intrusion of the ASIC miners was unable to achieve a decentralized distribution of the coin rewards to the simple people who own just a PC. On the other hand, BITCOINZ protected the mining community from the elites with ASIC-resistant algorithms.

Bitcoin, with its 21M supply combined with its extreme popularity , failed to offer a cheap transaction network for small sums. With fees touching even $30-40 , a sum like $100 is prohibitive to be sent through its network. BITCOINZ with its ideal 21B max supply and a sophisticated fees model, guarantees next to zero fees enabling everyone to enjoy virtually free transactions. Even sums as low as  $1 can be sent through the BTCZ network with $0.0…01 fees.

BITCOIN cannot provide any kind of privacy or even real anonymity anymore. BITCOINZ with the ZK-SNARKS cryptography offers them optionally.

Projects that claim “fixing” something for the classic BITCOIN by copying its blockchain and sharing forkdrops to the rich ASIC elites that control the Bitcoin network for the last ten years, obviously cannot be considered as fair cryptocurrencies. They just take advantage of BITCOIN’s popularity, make minor or no changes and play speculative games. Quite like the endless heresies of an original religion do, trying to attract its people in order to make a new founder important and rich.


Bitcoin named coins in one table

Projects that claim to offer special features, like the countless tokens or “crypto” that seem to enjoy extreme popularitylike ADA, XRP, ETH, BSC and more, are completely (ADA-XRP-BSC 100%) or greatly (ETH 70%) premined. This in simple words means that their supply was pre-owned by their founder(s). Which is totally against the original crypto idea.


Feel free to read again the above and understand why BITCOINZ is so unique.

It is the older, 100% Community driven and pure cryptocurrency project. The only one that can achieve a truly decentralized distribution of wealth, that its network might build, to all its supporters with fair rules:

Its whole supply to the World Community.

No founders getting the lion’s share.

No ASIC Elites controlling the network.

No Fraudulent “developers” playing speculative games and changing parameters by their own will.

No more “crypto scams” simply because there is NO advantage for anyone. Only hard Community work and Equality.

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