BitcoinZ can be now found in Binance Smart Chain with Connect-Z, a new Gateway that is bridging the BitcoinZ Ecosystem with BSC.

The user can now turn native BTCZ coins to same number of tokenized BTCZ (wBTCZ) that are released in the Binance Smart Chain. The ratio is 1:1 and the native coins are automatically locked in the Gateway since the maximum supply of BTCZ is immutable. In the same way, a user is able to change back wBTCZ for native BTCZ. In this scenario, the wBTCZ tokens are automatically burnt in order to unlock BTCZ in the native BitcoinZ blockchain.

Which are the benefits of Connect-Z ?

With Connect-Z , the BitcoinZ Ecosystem is expanding significantly because the BTCZ asset is offered in new popular markets and platforms.
People that tend to use tokens can access BTCZ in BSC Decentralized Exchanges such as Pancake Swap, Platforms like TrustWallet or Metamask and soon in even more as the BitcoinZ Community will be developing bridges for additional blockchains.
On the other hand, new users will be able to learn more easily about BitcoinZ, the original cryptocurrency idea and the unique advantages that the BitcoinZ blockchain offers like : Next to zero fees, strong optional privacy, network independency, uncensored borderless transactions, maximized decentralization, PC-mining with ASIC resistant algorithm, active community that meaningfully participates in the Project’s development and many more.


Beware of fake tokens, use only the Project’s contract address

One of the shortcomings in the token world of Binance Smart Chain is the fact that virtually everyone is free to launch tokens abusing the name of classic and well established projects.

Please be always careful and double-check the contract address that you use in every BSC scan. You can get the legit contract address only from the official web pages of each Project or in the relevant pages in platforms like CoinmarketCap.

Connect-Z for example can be found in the url and the contract address in the BitcoinZ CoinMarketCap page

BSC wBTCZ Contract address: 0xcBBB3e5099F769F6d4E2b8b92DC0e268f7E099D8

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