An overall bullish cryptocurrency market and a combination of recent events has resulted to a highly increased social media activity around BitcoinZ

Specifically :

– the Blockfolio Signal system which spreads the Community news to a wider audience.


BITCOINZ in blockfolio signal

– the Coinmarketcap new tags for BITCOINZ recognising its functionality for transactions, anonimity with zk-snarks and education.


CoinMarketCap tags BTCZ

– the Cryptospedia articles that help more people to understand cryptocurrency definitions.


– new BTCZ Community Social media profiles in Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok & Floyx platforms that attract new members.



– the upcoming halving on September when BITCOINZ closes 4 years of life. This reduces the remaining time for the “big” 12500 coins rewards per block. Bitcoinz is a deflating asset like the Classic Bitcoin. It has a fixed and immutable maximum supply and an ever reducing pace of new coins in the market.


BitcoinZ halving plan example

importantly : the fact that BitcoinZ has the most fair rules in the whole Cryptospace , remaining unbound and loyal to its foundation for years. It was launched with NO premine, NO ICO sales, NO instamine, NO developers taxes. In addition, the project protected the miners community from the ASICS and it has a slow , non speculative reward halving for the mining rewards , exactly like BTC , every 4 years.

All these, combined with hard work and support of its ever growing community had some great results. Stay tuned for more positive news soon!


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