BitcoinZ jumps touching even +50% and ascending 150 positions higher in the CoinMarketCap list. All these have extra importance because they are taking place in a general cryptocurrency bear market with major cryptocurrencies like Ethereum losing ground.

Even better prospect lies ahead for BitcoinZ in the near future as some milestones for its development have been just delivered by its growing Community recently:

1) A critical target of its updated 2022-2023 Roadmap has been completed with Connect-Z a Gateway where the users are able to swap native BitcoinZ coins to tokenized BitcoinZ (wBTCZ) with 1:1 ratio as BitcoinZ’s maximum supply is immutable. This way the BitcoinZ Ecosystem is expanding significantly as it is now available in Pancake Swap.

2) The BitcoinZ social army aka Army-Z 2.0 Project, has been launched with a sophisticated new system that is based on ranks. People are now able to join it and receive BTCZ rewards weekly in Discord, by just spreading the word about the original cryptocurrency idea in social media or making BitcoinZ related content for the Community! This way BitcoinZ is the first 100% mineable cryptocurrency that someone can get even without mining equipment in weekly basis. All the coins are real coins that had been mined by the Community and donated as BitcoinZ had zero premine!

3) With the Ethereum Merge afer September 15 2022, Ethereum is not mineable anymore and many miners search for promising Proof of Work projects. BitcoinZ has already been consistently for 5+ years one of the most profitable to mine crypto in WhatToMine due to its fair rules and ASIC resistant algorithm.

So now, more people everyday realize that it is the top option, especially taking in mind its potential for huge gains. Something that is mathematically explained in relevant Press Releases written by BTCZ Community members that gain popularity in internet news channels like Associated Press and EINPressWire.

The visitors can find informative tables where different scenarios are described based on each asset’s capitalization and value.

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