Merry Christmas BitcoinZ Community!
We have the best Christmas Present:
 BitcoinZ is now available in the AtomicDEX MOBILE version that has its global public listing on Google Play!
During this “crypto winter” with so many Centralized Exchanges failure stories and scam exits, this listing was maybe most important than ever and the best thing that could happen.
AtomicDEX mobile listing
Exactly like it happens with BitcoinZ-DEX, with AtomicDEX you can trade crypto safely from your own mobile wallet. Your coins, your keys!
iOS & WEB final versions will also be available soon.
We remind that liquidity between AtomicDEX – BitcoinzDEX – DogeDEX and the rest platforms of the family is shared so it is like trading in the same DEX-Tree.
Share the good news in social media and of course try this amazing Wallet.
For anyone who would like to have a nice video tutorial, the BitcoinZ-DEX guide can help you as the logic of the platforms is the same.

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