BitcoinZ is now listed in CetoeX!

You can trade it with a wBTCZ / USDT pair. Please remember that you should never send native BTCZ to a wBTCZ address or vice versa.


wBTCZ is the Binance Smart Chain tokenized version of BitcoinZ that you can get by swapping BTCZ to wBTCZ, using the Connect-Z platform with 1:1 ratio.


The native BTCZ coins that a user sends in the Connect-Z Gateway are locked, releasing same number of wBTCZ tokens in the desired BSC address.

Following the reverse process, the user can send wBTCZ tokens in the Gateway which are burnt in order to receive native BTCZ tokens in the address of his choice.


This way Connect-Z dramatically widens the prospects for increased BitcoinZ popularity and the platform will support more blockchains in the future like Ethereum increasing the markets where BTCZ can be found.


CetoeX ➡️   Web link

Connect-Z ➡️ 

A nice guide how to swap BTCZ to wBTCZ ➡️   Web link

BitcoinZ Discord :   Web link

BitcoinZ in CetoeX

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