BitcoinZ Network Status Dashboard (BNSD) is here !

Now the BTCZ Community members can easily track the status for each network’s service using the

For example you wonder why BTCZ in multiwallet application seems to be “disconnected” or why a light wallet service is temporarily unavalailable ?

You can check the statuses of the services that such platforms use (like the explorers) and see if they are online or not.

In any case, a service that has gone offline most probably is under maintenance and will be restored in the very next hours.

However don’t forget that your coins are always and anytime available as far as you have your private keys. They are stored in the BitcoinZ blockchain and you can retrieve them anytime by importing your private key into another working wallet or in the BitcoinZ Full Node Wallet which connects with the never stopping bitcoinz network.


Special regards to Marcelus and his team for providing the BitcoinZ Network Status Dashboard to the BTCZ Community! A precious gift indeed !

BitcoinZ Network Status Dashboard

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