BITCOINZ is skyrocketing! Despite the recent bloodbath for the most cryptocurrencies, BTCZ is among the top gainers with a record 24h volume of more than  $ 1,000,000.

The coin attracted  many new buyers and enters a very “hot” period with its Community gaining new members every day

Which are the reasons behind this extreme move ?


1) The fact that BITCOINZ is a true crypto asset that acts as a hedge against inflation.

This comes in total constrast with the “trending” Defi platforms. The Defi platforms that recently became viral in the cryptocurrency world, have an inflative effect as they make the creation of new (mostly scam) tokens extremely easy. These tokens became too many and are all depending on centralized heavily premined blockchains. For example ETH is a 70% premined project with gas fees that touch numbers of even $170 dollars or higher and a constantly increasing max supply.

BitcoinZ had no central authority issuing or distributing coins according to a founder’s wish (no ICO sales, no premine) and has a fixed maximum supply that will never change. It fulfills this way for more than 4.5 years all the five fundamentals that define the very essence of a real cryptocurrency.

Therefore it’s inevitable to gain the interest over time from people who suffered by  speculative short-lived “projects” or scam exits. Because in these cases only a few founders control the supply, there is no mining, no Decentralization and only tokens that have been arbitrarily allocated to specific addresses.

2) The upcoming ZBRAIN meeting  on 22-January-2022 

The Z-BRAIN is the on-line conference that the BITCOINZ Community organizes every 6 months in order to present the recent news, the social media reach of the Project and the future plans. Especially in the upcoming meeting, an updated Dynamic Roadmap for 2022-2023 is going to be presented with an even bigger Development team for BITCOINZ.

3) The halving that took place a couple of months ago.

This (halving) is the deflationary mechanism of the pure cryptocurrency networks that reduce the coin emissions like it happened with the classic BITCOIN in the past.

Thus, for BITCOINZ the “big” 12500 coins rewards per block  have already been recuded to the half so it is now harder to gain new BITCOINZ coins from mining.

The halving event usually pushes the price to higher value for a coin with immutable coin supply in contrast with the printed money (FIAT) that suffer from inflation with questionable rules.

BITCOINZ rewards halving

4) The multiple reasons that make BITCOINZ a unique choice. 

People feel much safer with a well-established, Community driven, cryptocurrency network with fair rules that offers a wide range of important use cases.



Feeling disappointed by the endless crypto scams?

You are tired with the bot-followers of fake “cryptocurrencies”?

Feeling that your PC is weak to mine because of the ASIC elites?

You have been tired with projects that disappear after a couple of months?

You hate paying ETH or BTC crazy fees?

You consider the useless tokens a bubble that hurts the original crypto idea?

You prefer a Community driven instead of a Company driven network?


You are in the right place.

You are with us!

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