During the recent days the most cryptocurrencies and tokens have seen losses that exceed even -60% and this doesn’t seem to be just an accidental event.

The last month, most specifically between 25 December and 25 January, even popular assets like DOGE, ADA and the classic Bitcoin have all seen cumulative losses of -25% and -35%.
But the bigger losers of the last month are the so called “DeFi” projects that like Ethereum, Binance Coin, Polygon and Solana, with loses that are even over -45 and -50% (The provided table contains information taken from the popular Nomics platform).

However there was a specific cryptocurrency that skyrocketed during this month gaining more than +70% . This is BITCOINZ.

Alternatively you can have a fast visualized explaination for the reasons why BITCOINZ is a superb performer with plenty of space for future increases, by checking the following tables.

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