Right now in the cryptocurrency world, it’s a common secret that BITCOINZ is getting “hotter” among the low capitalization crypto projects. Low cap for now, because in this world a low cap project can climb in the top places with a very fast pace. There are many success stories of coins that jumped in the top100 places in just a few months if not even weeks. Blink and you miss it!


So how BITCOINZ gained popularity for PC mining?

The BITCOINZ project, supported by a community of cryptocurrency purists and ideologists, has pioneered in keeping the fundamentals that a real cryptocurrency should have :


1. Completely fair start with No premine , No Ico sales , No instamine 

This fact attracts the miners more than anything else. In simple words: the whole coin supply of BITCOINZ is distributed to the world community through the mining procedure.

In contrast with other projects that act as central authorities, distributing a big part or even all of their coin supply to their founders who sell it in the market!

2. ASIC resistant algorithm, blocking the mining “elites” from the network

Another huge advantage of the BITCOINZ project, as it protects the “small” miners and offers meaningful rewards to those who support its network. In networks that accept ASIC miners, the common PC owners actually are unable to mine because of the competition against the mining monster companies with ASICs. The BITCOINZ community’s  high priority is to use ASIC resistant mining algorithms in order to support PC mining. The coin supply of a real crypto should be distributed to all the people offering them freedom, not to a closed elite.


3. Immutable maximum coin supply & slow, fair halving plan

BITCOINZ is a Bitcoin-like, deflationary asset. Its max supply is immutable and its halving plan if fair and slow every 4 years so that everyone has time to join its network. In other words, BITCOINZ’s mining rewards are reducing slowly over time, making it more valueable because of the deflation. But without fast speculative halvings in order to make a closed group of people rich. It is designed to help everyone who wishes to join its network, offering a pure cryptocurrency solution for virtually free transactions.

Immutable supply BITCOINZ

4. Insanely low, next to zero fees

People who mine other cryptocurrencies often face the problem of high fees. When they try to even transfer a sum they see a percentage of their coins spent as fees. BITCOINZ’s fee model and supply are designed so that the user can enjoy almost zero fees, with a fraction of the dollar’s cent. This way the user can send even small sums like $1 without the fear of the transfer fees. Just for comparison,  BTC transfer fees can touch $35 or even more while an ETH token can have over over $170 fees.


5. Community Driven, Friendly, Fast, Private

BITCOINZ is really community driven, with no company behind it and no founder taking the lion’s share out of its supply. Everyone who joins its Discord Channel immediately understands that. Since it is full with positive energy and friendly people who help each other and try their best to make the project more popular. They work for projects like Cryptospedia.com that educate people in order to avoid scams in the risky Cryptocurrency landscape. In addition, BITCOINZ is a really fast coin with strong optional privacy based on the Zero-Proof Knowledge cryptography.

PRivacy Scalability BITCOINZ

The outcome : BITCOINZ is magnetizing people’s interest

The outcome of all the aforementioned is exactly this: BITCOINZ is magnetizing people’s interest as it reminds the first period of the classic BITCOIN.

Everyone who discovers this cryptocurrency gem, sticks with it because he feels as an active part of its network and of the Project in general. Not as an investor buying a stock like with the countless “crypto” scams.

This was the cryptocurrency idea about after all. Wasn’t it? To make people free from companies without the need to trust any central authority. With a fair and truly decentralized transaction network. 

The sure thing : BITCOINZ is here to stay for good

With a trustworthy 4 years old chain, an amazing performance during the last few months , with over +3600% return from its August’s all time lows and all its strong fundamentals it is no brainer why it attracts more and more people.

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