Now in the main page of, the visitor can find a wallets section with all the multi-crypto wallet applications that are available for BitcoinZ.

This kind of applications are hosting more than one cryptocurrency and are getting more and more popular recently. Because the users don’t need to have many different applications in order to store their different cryptocurrencies anymore. Instead of this, they can have one application for all their favorite digital assets.



An overview of the available apps

So let’s see which are the multi-wallet apps that are currently support BitcoinZ :

1) The Coinomi application is widely known and it is considered as one of the safest options for saving multiple cryptocurrencies. It hosts a long list of different digital assets. It is offering even swapping option for some of them. Coinomi is available for all mobile devices, both android and iOS and for every OS for desktop PCs : Linux, Windows and Macintosh.


2) The SafePay app : a modern, highly customizable multiwallet with multi-signature support (shared wallets). SafePay hosts 12 coins: BTC, LTC, BTCZ, SAFE, RVN, ZEL, ZCL, ZCASH, BTG, YCASH, RITOCOIN and ZEL. It is available for both iOS and android mobile devices, for Windows and Linux Desktops and in Web.


3) The Vidulum app : a multiwallet app with impressive features. Vidulum offers a long arithmetic pin that adds another security layer, v-tipping and v-staking functionalities. With Vidulum, the user can send tips or accept tips from his friends in connected Discord channels easily! Additionally, for some assets like BitcoinZ, the user can enjoy v-staking rewards in VDL coins for just storing his BitcoinZ coins in the Vidulum wallet! Learn more in the BTCZ Discord channel.

Vidulum hosts cryptocurrencies of many quality projects like BitcoinZ, Digibyte, SAFE, VDL, ZEL and others. It is available in web and for both mobile (iOS & Android) and Desktop devices (Windows & Linux).


4) The Zelcore app is another multiwallet with many customization options and swapping between some of the available coins. It hosts 100+ digital assets like BTC, BTCZ, ZEL, LTC, XMR, DGB, BCH, NEO and others. It is available for all mobile devices both iOS and Android, for Macintosh , Windows and Linux PCs.


5) The PlusBit app is available for iOS and android mobile devices and currently hosts BTC, BTCZ, ZEL, ILCOIN and DASH.


6) The BitFrost app by Tent/Snowgem which hosts coins like BTC, LTC, SNOWGEM, BTCZ, PIRL, SUMO and others. Bitfrost is currently at a beta version, supporting swaps (easy exchange option) between some of the supported coins. In the final version it is going to offer solution with connected debit cards as well! It is available for both iOS and Android devices!

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