A new video dedicated in Cryptocurrency wallets is now available by the Cryptospedia team.

With this video presentation you will be able to

1) understand with an easy visualized experience, what is a cryptocurrency wallet and how it works.

2) learn which are the most popular wallet options for BITCOINZ and other cryptocurrencies as well!

There are 4 exclusive wallet options for BITCOINZ and 8 multi-wallet options that host BITCOINZ together with many other cryptocurrency coins. Enjoy!


Cryptospedia.com is an informative project, offered for free by the BITCOINZ Community in order to help people around the world by providing knowledge.

BITCOINZ (BTCZ) is a revolutionary cryptocurrency that follows the fundamentals of the BITCOIN : noble cause to free the worldwide transactions, Community driven, Proof of Work Mining. However, BITCOINZ is not a BITCOIN chain fork! It has added many extra features like optional zk-snarks privacy an faster tx speed, ASIC resistant algos in order to protect the miners’ Community, a max supply designed for easier non-decimal prices and next to zero fees. BitcoinZ had a 100% transparent launch , with no premine , no ICOs, no speculative halvings in the block rewards and fair rules for everyone.

Official sites:



Discord channel : https://discord.gg/aAU2WeJ

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