BITCOINZ won easily the DOGEDEX listing poll!

DogeDEX is going to list BITCOINZ in the upcoming desktop version and later in the mobile version of the application!


BITCOINZ wins the DogeDEX listing poll

What is DogeDEX ? 

DogeDEX is a truly decentralized exchange. It uses the same model with AtomicDEX.

It enables the users to trade directly (P2P) between them with its atomic swap technology.  Additionally, it is among the very few DEX platforms that give this functionality between (potentially) all the unique UTXO blockchains and the eth  tokens or other tokenizing ecosystems.

The aforementioned doesn’t happen with the most popular DEX platforms. Because they usually offer swaps only between tokenized coins in a specific ecosystem that all depend on the same blockchain. Namely “wrapped” coins which take a specific “compatible” form in order to function in a certain ecosystem. Exactly like wBTC or wZCASH do for the ETH ecosystem for example. This common “DEX” approach leads to a centralized model that is very far from the pure cryptocurrency idea. With extra disrtortions like fee spikes because everything is over one certain blockchain. (maybe you already know about the crazy ETH gas fees).

On the  contrary,  the DogeDEX platform achieves to make the swaps between ALL these different ecosystems and other unique blockchains like those of Bitcoin, Digibyte, BitcoinZ, Dogecoin, Litecoin etc. Without of course the requirement to “wrap” a coin into a specific blockchain before the transaction!

You can imagine that the DogeDEX, like atomicDEX does,  is something like a wormhole/gateway through all the listed blockchains and each blockchain is like a parallel universe. So with this application the trading between these parallel universes is finally achievable!



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