Recently some members of the Community have presented a Project called “BitPayLink“. It is a kind of digital lottery based on the BitcoinZ cryptocurrency! They have set up a very easy registration for which you need only one email and your btcz address. You can purchase “entry tickets” by spending some btcz coins increasing your possibilities to hit the jackpot number which is randomly generated by the hashing numbers from the mining procedure of the coin.

The whole concept is very smart: everyone is able to create a referral link with which can invite friends to take part in this lottery, earning some funds from the tickets that are purchased by those who used the invitation. This way, the funds that are distributed to the players are much more than in similar non-digital lotteries and the whole mechanism of the jackpot numbers’ generation , according to the creators, gives guaranteed random results, because they are based on the mathematically unpredictable mining procedure.

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