The Community translation procedure for the BitcoinZ site has begun.

The new GETBTCZ.COM site of the BITCOINZ Project is offering a sophisticated translating system that you can discover with this 3 mins article read!


The current situation and the usual problem for the most sites

The visitor can find a box with the available languages in the lowest part of the page. So the content of the site is available for the chosen language through an automated procedure (like google translate). Of course this translation is not giving good results. These results are even worse for descriptions that include specialized definitions.

Many people find it very difficult to understand how the world of cryptocurrencies work and this is even more difficult when they have to read explanations that are not in their mother language or that come from poor automated translations.


How GETBTCZ.COM is offering a solution to this problem

The BitcoinZ site is offering a solution for the aforementioned problem. By providing a fast, easy to understand and effective translation system, is enabling the BTCZ Community members to contribute in a high quality , human translation procedure for many languages.

This is extremely easy because in fact, the contributors will  just *fix* the problematic phrases or wording in the parts of the automated and already provided translation! After they have chosen the desired language, they get the version of the auto-translation and they edit only the parts that are mistaken. They don’t have to rewrite every article from the beginning.


The benefits of the described translation system

1. After time, the whole site – both the main pages and the cryptospedia section- will be available in high quality, human translations in many languages.

2. The edits and fixes are automatically stored and the translations are updated on the fly. The contributor can dedicate the free time that has available anytime he wishes to! 

3. More than one member can cooperate in order to work for a specific language translation, with cross-checkings for optimum results.

4. The whole model is a perfect example of how decentralized development can be achieved in a pure Community driven Project. This supports the BTCZ Community’s participation and interaction in the Project.

5. The results will be even better in the future as more contributors will be joining, with new languages being added and with even higher quality translations.


Analytical guide for the translation of the Site

The procedure is really simple.

1) The member that is interested to contribute in the translation procedure can simply ask the administrators of the site to grant him “Contributor” level. You can ask this by joining the Discord BTCZ server and contacting with the admins there or by emailing to [email protected] . You have to only give your email and your desired Nickname.

2) After the step (a) you login with your nickname and your password in the page.
3) You choose the prefered language from the selector in the lower part of the site. You will then see the page translated to the chosen language with the automated translation.
Important : To start taking advantage of your contributor role and be able to edit this automated translation , you have to check the option of “translation editing“. It is below the box containing the languages, in the lower part of the central page.
4) You can now choose to edit any phrase, by just clicking the orange and purple symbols next to them!
5) When you choose a phrase to edit, an editing frame is popping up. Inside you can see the original phrase in english and the automatically translated version in your chosen language which you can freely edit. With the “tick” button you can save your version… That’s it!
An extra tip : In order to have a default language of your choice, you have to click on the option “Set this language as default” (under the languages box). This way you will save time because you won’t have to choose again and again the language for every different page of the site.



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