The Cryptospedia section of the site has a major update.

The page is now implementing a blog-style grid that hosts the articles with unique mini-pictures for each article/definition. This way the visitor has a better idea about each article through the visual elements and can find more easily the article that he wishes, without the need to fill the search field.

We have kept the old one-window blue navigator which has now moved to the bottom of the page for those who would like to navigate with the old-fashioned way through the articles.

We have added many new articles and informative material. Unique artwork is offered by the BitcoinZ community to the visitors in order to better understand every definition.

Most of the keywords and links between the articles are now fixed and in the next days we will have completed the 100% of them.

The BitcoinZ Community will be then able to proceed with the human translation of the whole site through its sophisticated system of dynamic / on the fly translation fixing. More information about it soon!

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