As you probably already know, BITCOINZ is a truly community driven project with completely decentralized development.

This means that literally everyone is free to work for the Project in every level.  Some examples could be :

A promotional artwork.

An application that utilizes BTCZ coins.

A blog or a site supporting its community.

A github proposal for code updates and so many more.


So what is the BITCOINZ Artwork Library ?

The BITCOINZ Artwork Library hosts the artworks of the Community members. We track some of the most widely used files and we keep them categorized and available in a domain where everyone is able to access them easily!

This is the BITCOINZ Artwork Library. Some examples of popular artwork categories are the bitcoinz memes, the Cryptospedia Informative Artworks, the comparison tables with other cryptocurrencies, the Zbrain meeting slides, the partnerships artworks etc.

Feel free to use this material in the social media with hashtags “#BITCOINZ” and “#BTCZ”! You can also use them anywhere else you wish with a positive mention for BITCOINZ in order to spread the word about the most fair cryptocurrency network in the world!


BITCOINZ has the lowest fees ever
BITCOINZ listed in AtomicDEX
Bitcoin named coins in one table

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