Many members of the BITCOINZ Community are wondering where they can make donations for the next Exchange Listings of the Project!

So, here you are!

In this domain you can find addresses for BITCOINZ, BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, ZCASH & LITECOIN donations to the BITCOINZ Project.

Donate for BITCOINZ Listings

You can monitor that your donation has been sent by using the address in the relevant blockchain explorer (for example you can search for the given LTC address in a Litecoin explorer).

On the upper side of the page you can see a bar with the sum that has been gathered in $ based on the current exchange rates.

You can be informed about the upcoming listings of the Project in the BITCOINZ DISCORD Channel. The Community is voting for the best proposals.

A tip : if you wish to make a donation in a non-BTCZ coin, prefer Litecoin since it has the lowest fees right now!


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