BTCZ and BitcoinZ are the same thing?

Yes! BTCZ is the abbreviation of BitcoinZ. Exactly in the same way, BTC is the abbreviation of Bitcoin, ETH of Ethereum and so on!


BitcoinZ is a digital currency or a token?

BTCZ is a digital coin, not a digital token! It has its own unique blockchain and it is not depending on another project’s network like tokens do.

Furthermore, coins are a method of payment for virtually anything, while tokens may present a company’s share or may give access to a specific service and other functions. You can buy a token with a coin, but not vice versa. Coins operate independently, while tokens have only a specific use in a project’s ecosystem.



BitcoinZ is a minable digital coin or not?

Yes! BTCZ is a minable digital coin. It implements the Proof of Work protocol and it has a really fair mining reward plan with block reward halvings only every 4 years exactly like the classic BTC does. The BTCZ Community encourages everyone to join and support the coin’s network through the mining procedure.


What I need in order to mine BTCZ?

BTCZ is always trying to use an ASIC Resistant algorithm for its Network, making this way possible almost for everyone to join the mining procedure.  A system with a typical Graphics Card (GPU) is enough in order to effectively mine BitcoinZ!


How can I store BTCZ ?

BitcoinZ is a digital coin, so it can be stored only in digital wallets. There are many different types of digital wallets , each with different advantages. You can get a free BTCZ wallet solution in the wallet options page


 Is there any danger to lose my BitcoinZ coins ?

If you carefully back up your wallet and follow some basic safety rules, it is almost impossible to lose your BitcoinZ coins. BTCZ is much safer than printed currencies and even if you lose your device , you can restore your wallet to another device, gaining this way access to your funds again. Our site is full with information and tips in order to make you safer. A good guide can be found here.


 How can I join the BTCZ Community ?

You can be a BTCZ Community member easily by joining the Discord channel where the developers and other community members interact and communicate with each other every day. Please feel free to use this invitation.


Where I can find BTCZ Community in social media ?

You can find BTCZ Community in the most popular social media: In Facebook, in Twitter, in Instagram , in Reddit, in Pinterest, in Discord, in Github and in Btc Talk Forum.


Can I accept BTCZ coins in my eshop or business and how ?

Of course! It is easy and totally free. 

For retail shops with physical clients , you can use a free BTCZ e-wallet and accept direct BTCZ payments from your clients into it or you can use the Plusbit BTCZ Point of Sale App.

For e-shops you can use a free BTCZ payment gateway, where your clients can give online orders and pay with btcz coins. There are already ready to work btcz gateways for the most e-commerce platforms. Find them by pressing here!

In any case, you can choose and print your desired “BitcoinZ Accepted Here”  label and use it in your business.

An analytical how-to guide with videos, will be available soon for every scenario.



Why BITCOINZ is using the “BITCOIN” and the “Z” combination ?

BitcoinZ is among the very few cryptocurrencies that is following the fundamentals of the classic Bitcoin: it had a totally anonymous launching team, no premine, no ico sales, no instamine. Additionally, it is ideologically based, 100% community driven, minable and with a fair mining rewards halving plan every 4 years.

Obviously BitcoinZ took its “BITCOIN” name because of all these similarities with Bitcoin as it doesn’t target to make a closed team richer but to really offer a gift to the world, a fair network for borderless payments with virtually zero fees. 

 At the same time it solves many bitcoin’s shortcomings by offering many extra advantages like the Zk-snarks optional cryptography, faster transaction speed, ASIC-Resistant mining algos, higher max supply for easier prices and many more. 

These have resulted to the addition of the “Z” to its name, which comes from the “Zk” cryptography or it could possibly be considered as an artistic “2” by some people.   


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