The BITCOINZ Community is releasing a history diagram for every year of the Project’s life. These diagrams are presenting some of the most important events and advancements of the BITCOINZ Project that took place during the corresponding time frame.

This tradition of the BitcoinZ Community of course continues for third year and the diagram for the 3 YEARS ANNIVERSARY has been now released in the main page and it includes some really great advancements that made the BTCZ Ecosystem even bigger during the last 12 months.


Let’s list just a few of the 2019-2020 BTCZ achievements

The first meeting of the BTCZ Community in real life, whoch took part in Rome on 16 November!

The expansion of the “BTCZ accepted” list. Point of Sales app by Plusbit where BTCZ is listed, has been accepted by more businesses as well!

BitPayLink, a new platform where the visitors can buy digital lottery tickets and trade BTCZ coin with FIAT money.

PokerZ, a new digital place where the players and their friends can enjoy Poker games using BTCZ coins.

The new RokerZ Radio by BITCOINZ , that is full with energy playing Rock-Metal music and broadcasting BTCZ news.

The important node updates to the 2.06 version and the insight explorer update.

The launching and establishing of the ZBrain online meetings. ZBrain is a series of events where the Community can interact with the developers and add new ideas for the future of the Project.

The listing of the coin in many new multi-wallet apps like PlusBit, Vidulum and BitFrost with revolutionary features.

The launching of the new Community’s site GETBTCZ.COM with futuristic aesthetics, interactive elements and Cryptospedia feature which offers a totally new experience in the Cryptoworld with super friendly approach to newscomers.

Past BITCOINZ Anniversary diagrams 

History diagram for the 2 YEARS BITCOINZ Anniversary

History diagram for the 1 YEAR BITCOINZ Anniversary

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