Here you can get you invitation links for the next Z-Brain Meeting!

Click on the card below or on this link in order to join the live stream of the event in youtube.

Please don’t forget that

1) you can easily set a reminder in youtube by clicking on the bell symbol

2) you can write in the youtube channel interacting with the team and other members of the Community.  The event has a feedback section in the end, for  Community discussion.


ZBrain Meeting July 10 2021

What “Z-Brain” is ?

ZBrain acts as a Community feedback for the development of the BTCZ ecosystem and the the general progress of its Dynamic Roadmap. In these e-meetings the community members discuss the recent advancements and the measures that need to be taken in order to address any possible shortcoming. A type of announcement, containing a brief description of the topics of discussion, is always available after the Z Brain events.

ZBrain meetings take place 4 times per year in fixed dates that are announced in the BitcoinZ Discord Channel and forum. Everyone is free to join the meeting in Youtube or Zoom!


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