A major BitcoinZ update is taking place in the CoinMarketCap platform.

CoinMarketCap has updated the BTCZ logo, the Community profiles in the social media and the link for the new site.

Importantly, BitcoinZ  is one of the early adopter Projects of the self-reporting dashboard (SRD) and Headlines (Signals) in the CoinMarketCap platform.

What SRD and Signals do with simple words?

The new functionalities of the self-reporting dashboard and Headlines grant to the Project’s ambassadors special rights in the BitcoinZ page of CoinMarketCap.

For example the managers can now add labels that act as filters for the search of the CMC platform visitors. In addition they can share important news and inform them for future events of the Project.

Of course, the CoinMarketCap platform  verifies everything that a Project team is trying to present. In the end the visitors can be sure that the info in a cryptocurrency profile is valid.


What about BitcoinZ ?

BitcoinZ is among the very first Projects that enjoys these features. CoinMarketCap has already verified and reports the tags “Zero Knowledge Proofs“, “Education“, “E-Commerce” and “Payments“.

More details for the new BTCZ tags in CMC

These tags are very important because they are now verified and recognized by the no1 cryptocurrency informative platform.

More specifically:

1) The Zero Knowledge Proofs tag is verified because BITCOINZ uses the ZK-Snarks cryptography offering private transactions with Z-Addresses.

2) The Education tag is verified because BITCOINZ is offering Cryptospedia, a whole online encyclopedia with easy explanations for every cryptocurrency definition. The visitors can enjoy this BTCZ feature for free in the new site getbtcz.com

3)The E-Commerce tag is verified as BitcoinZ is among the very few cryptocurrencies that offer ready to work solutions for all the popular e-commerce platforms. BTCZ has both native and 3rd party payment gateways for woo-commerce, cubecart, shopify and more.

4) The payments tag is recognized considering that BTCZ is already accepted by a number of both physical and internet shops. There is a wide selection of btcz wallet apps that in combination with the payment gateways or the Point of Sales BTCZ app offer payment solutions.

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