Here you can find information for the most projects developed by the BTCZ Community members or by external developers for the BTCZ Ecosystem.

Take in mind that many of them, despite the fact that they are already completely functional (with 100% percentage) , are still being developed for the addition of extra functionalities. 


The “Welcome” Project is our new alternative site for BitcoinZ. The name had been chosen because it includes easy to understand guides for everything about the world of Cryptocurrencies, featured in the “Cryptospedia” function.

Additionally, the site is implementing a sophisticated translation system, providing quality human-translations to more than 20 languages with the contribution of the BTCZ Community.

The url is leading to the relevant section of our site now as well. In the future we will work for this adding to it extra video material.


Progression for the Welcome Project


A BTCZ eshop with deals where goods are sold ONLY for BITCOINZ in really symbolic prices. “Everything you don’t need can make someone happy!” is the moto of the Z-Market, powered by the BITCOINZ Community.


Progression for the Z-Market Project


A BTCZ radio playing music! Currently the project is completely functional and is hosted at

Soon, more functions will be added like live ads about BTCZ, BTCZ events playback and connection with the Discord channel by bot.


Progression for the Rockerz Radio

BITCOINZ Electrum Wallet

Our BITCOINZ branded electrum & ElectrumX wallets.

This is our most important step for the development of a hardware wallet solution like Ledger in the near future.


Progression for the BITCOINZ Electrum wallets

BTCZ Point of Sales app

The BTCZ point of Sales application, developed by PlusBit, which can be used by businesses all around the world for  easy and fast btcz transactions ! You can find the app here


Progression for the BTCZ Point of Sales app

BTCZ exclusive Payment Gateways

The exclusive BTCZ payment gateways, developed by the team, can be used by eshops based on the most popular e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce and CubeCart, for easy btcz transactions transactions ! You can find the gateways here.



Progression for the BTCZ Payment Gateways

BTCZ branded CoPay mobile wallet

The classic Copay e-wallet, branded for btcz and developed by the btcz core team. It offers an efficient and easy way for storing and using your btcz coins by using just your android mobile device. Available for download here.


Progression for the BTCZ Mobile Wallet


The implementation of a Community Funding mechanism equal for all, by automatically donating a 5% of the block rewards to the Community Funds. The whole concept and the exact percentage have been both decided after a voting procedure by the whole BTCZ Community. The use cases of the Community funds are always subject to the Community’s vote as well. Monitor the VaultZ Funds here.


Progression for the VaultZ

BTCZ Library

A platform where anyone can create albums and share artwork and photos or informative files containing tables and histograms about BitcoinZ.   

You can visit the site here.


Progression for the BTCZ artwork Library

The txtZ Wallet function

A special functionality developed by the BTCZ project. It is enabling the users of even old-tech phone devices or users lacking internet connection, to use the btcz blockchain with simple orders by sms.   

You can learn more about txtZ here.


Progression for the txtZ wallet


A team of freelancers , offering their services only for BTCZ payments will soon have their own platform!


Progression for the BTCZ.WORK Project

The BTCZ.ME easy share

A special functionality developed by the BTCZ project. It is enabling the users to share publicly a BTCZ addess by just using a url with their desired nickname. Especially helpful for freelancers, charity projects and artists!    

Currently under maintenance!


Progression for the txtZ wallet

The giveaway tool

A tool developed by the team. The users  can promote BTCz in the easiest possible way, by just using their friends’ email addresses to send btcz gifts.

You can find the tool here.

Currently under maintenance!


Progression for the txtZ wallet

BTCZ Charity Team

A team made by our Community members , with presence in multiple countries  making good deeds, in order to help people or animals in need.

Only BTCZ donations are accepted!


Progression for the BTCZ Charity Team formation

KioskZ terminal

A  Point of Sales terminal, especially designed for eateries and restaurants. The project has already developed by David Amely from the BTCZ Community in cooperation with the SafeCoin Project. 

You can see the interview about its presentation here


Progression for KioskZ

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