Space-Z is a new concept that adds use cases for BitcoinZ, expanding its ecosystem.

Space-Z is a new Discord Server for faucet and bounty hunters, launched by BitcoinZ Community members. The visitors of Space-Z can either complete tasks or ask for the completion of a series of tasks.


Is this easy ? Do I need to download any software ?

No you don’t have to download anything! Space-Z was designed for easiness and openess. You have to just join the SpaceZ Discord Server and you can instantly start collecting rewards by completing tasks or make an order for a task that your business would like to see completed!


How am I paid ? Without wallet ?

You are paid with the most popular and trustworthy Discord tip bot : Space-Z implemented in the most effective way the cryptocurrency bots that make all the payment work fast and with the minimum of fees because they implement the cryptocurrency coin with the lowest fees : BitcoinZ!

All you have to do is to complete the task you wish to, from the active tasks list (you can find it in the Discord Space-Z Server). There you can see the reward and a fast description. That’s it! The admins & their programmed bots will check your screenshot with the proof and you instantly receive your BTCZ reward in your wallet that is connected and automatically created for your Discord Account. You can easily gather thousands of coins in matter of few seconds for some easy tasks.

Space-Z tasks paid with BitcoinZ coins

I am free to use my coins instantly? How?

Of course! You can instantly use your coins in Dicord by giving order to the bot!

For example :

1) you can tip coins to friends and other Discord users. By typing $tip @Nickname 500 btcz you will send 500 btcz coins to the specified Nickname.

2) you can discover other functionalities like tipping a whole team of users, play trivia games with coin rewards or to even swap your coins into a different coin type using the Royal Swap service.

3) at last but not least you can send your BTCZ  coins to your non custodial wallet (check here a list with the BTCZ wallet options) and use them in the BitcoinZ Ecosystem or to an exchange in order to trade them for other coins (list with the BitcoinZ Exchanges). By typing you can tag the Bot and by clicking on it you open a Direct Message window with You can then:

– type “$bal btcz” in order to check your balance in btcz or any other supported crypto.

– type “$withdraw btcz” in order to proceed for a withdrawal to any btcz address you wish. (Or for any other asset to a relevant address). The bot will ask you for the address and the sum that you wish to withdraw before you make the final confirmation.

– type “$deposit btcz” (or any other supported asset) in order to request from the bot to generate an address for deposit, This way you can send coins to your account in case you need them for paying SpaceZ services or for any functionality.

The importance of Space-Z for BitcoinZ

Space-Z is a very smart concept with high importance for the BitcoinZ Ecosystem. It  dramatically expands the BTCZ use cases  and helps in the further Decentralization of the Project since many more people actively get involved in it and its coin supply spreads to even more hands.

BitcoinZ with Space-Z gains ground as one of the coins with the highest potential in Communication Channel Bot Systems because is used in thousands of servers and the users are experiencing its speed and low fees, making it their favorite option for the payment of small sums. Something that with tokens or other coins would be impossible due to their high transaction fees.

On the other hand with Space-Z small businesses will be able to easily get access to an increasing number of highly customizable services and people from all around the World will have the opportunity to earn some extra income by completing a number of easy daily tasks.  All these using the BitcoinZ network for their transactions!

Youtubers that would like to see their channels growing organically, company profiles that wish to increase their social media interactions, small businesses which need better scores in search engines, cryptocurrency projects that need some extra help in specific scenarios are just some examples of the Space-Z & BTCZ use cases.


SpaceZ by BitcoinZ

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