The Z-Brain online meeting of the BTCZ Community took place on 11 July 2020!

The meeting included several topics like the recent nodes upgrade, the deals with other developers and new ideas of the community members.

Another basic topic was the presentation of the new site for BitcoinZ. The people who joined the conference had the chance to discover each section of the new domain

Some of the site’s impressive features are :

– Futuristic aesthetics with video header backgrounds.

– Interactive elements like moving buttons and animated tables.

– Minimal navigation menu with friendly user interface.

– A Cryptospedia section, with explaining articles about every single definition about the cryptocurrency world. The whole site has links for every difficult to understand definition, leading to the Cryptospedia.

– A Cryptoblog section, targeting to host future articles.

– A well organized and easy to understand section about the BITCOIN Ecosysystem which includes an analytical presentation and a list with Frequently Asked Question and the reasons why BTCZ is so unique.

– A sophisticated translation system which is going to support the future translation of the whole website and cryptospedia to more than 25 languages. This is going to provide  human , high quality translations over the first automated that are currently available. The effect will maximize the Community’s participation, as members with specified role like Contributors and Editors will have the ability to make on-the-fly fixes for their mother languages.

The whole Z-Brain meeting will be soon available in the Youtube account of the BTCZ Community.

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