BitcoinZ can now be stored in the Ledger hardware Wallets as wBTCZ, the “wrapped” tokenized form of BitcoinZ for Binance Smart Chain !

This way, the BitcoinZ Community has one more great option for the cold storage of BTCZ coins.

BTCZ can be swapped in wBTCZ form and vice versa with the usage of Connect-Z, the platform that the Community had launched earlier this year. Connect-Z bridged the two ecosystems, this of BitcoinZ and Binance Smart Chain. The only requirement is to have a Metamask Wallet and some BNB cents.

Here you can find an easy to use video guide about how to use Connect-Z and turn BTCZ into wBTCZ (or the opposite), made by community members.


wBTCZ in Ledger

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