is the second developers team that joined the BTCZ project on 2019.

The team has worked hard for delivering a series of applications and features that make the ecosystem of the BitcoinZ digital coin much richer.

Some examples of the BTCZ.APP advancements


– The improved versions of the BTCZ payment gateways for all the popular e-shop platforms like WooCommerce and CubeCart. The team if offering the api as open source for implementation to any e-shop owner who would like to accept BTCZ and there are always community members who would gladly help with the integration procedure of the gateways (please join the BTCZ help section of the Discord channel for this).

– The upgrade of the txtZ feature that BTCZ has. The vision of the team is to make possible for everyone, who either owns an old tech low budget mobile phone or has no internet connection, to use just a text message with specified orders in order to transact with BTCZ coins.

– The BTCZ version of the popular minecraft game which is part of the GamingZ section of the  BTCZ Dynamic Roadmap. With this, you can enjoy playing Minecraft and get BTCZ coins as rewards! You can support the programmers of the gaming modification here.

– The VaultZ information board which is updating the sum of the funds that the Community has gathered. It can can be found in this url.

– The Giveaway Tool which can be used in order to send sums of BTCZ as a gift to someone with the option to inform him with messages.

– The BitcoinZ Poker, part of the GambleZ section of the BTCZ Dynamic Roadmap. With BTCZ Poker, you can play poker with your friends online gambling with your digital coins.

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