ZBrain is the on-line conference that is organized by the BITCOINZ Community.

ZBrain meetings take place 2 times per year, one in Winter and another in Summer, in fixed dates that are announced in the BitcoinZ Discord Channel and by all the Community’s social media profiles. Everyone is free to watch the meeting in Youtube.

The visitors and friends of the Project can:

1. Learn about the development of the BTCZ ecosystem and the the general progress of its Dynamic Roadmap.

2. See a brief description of recent news and the targets of the near future.

3. Interact with some of the most active members of the BITCOINZ Community in the communication channels or even by a representative that participates in the meeting.

4. Even add new targets in the Project’s Dynamic Roadmap by presenting ideas that can be implemented.



ZBrain Conference by BITCOINZ

ZBrain and BitcoinZ’s Dynamic Roadmap

The “Z Brain” meetings series which are now an important part of the Project, had been firstly described in the Roadmap 2019-2021 of the BitcoinZ Project.

This is called “Dynamic Roadmap” because it is not a static plan that a specific team has designed and presented. It is an ever evolving Roadmap, highly controlled by the members of the BTCZ Community. That’s why the Z-Brain concept itself  plays a key role for the maximization of the Decentralization and Democracy of the BITCOINZ Project.

BITCOINZ Community Feedback
BITCOINZ future development
BITCOINZ Halving Z-Brain

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