ZHash is a variant of the popular Equihash Proof of Work algorithm, which was developed as a solution that would increase the resistance of the algorithm versus the ASIC miners.


Why Zhash algorithm was so much needed ?

Bitmain, the well known ASIC manufacturer, released ASIC miners that could be very effective in mining the memory-hard Equihash algorithm. So many Cryprocurrency projects tried to protect their Community members who had been mining with their PCs. The BTCZ Community pioneered in this stage , by releasing the ZHash variant which was implemented by many other cryptocurrency projects like BitcoinGold , ZEL and others.

The ZHASH variant granted extra protection for more time to the smaller miners by increasing the ASIC Resistance of the mining algorith and the Decentralization of the network. This way, the Projects that adopted the new algorithm achieved a fair distribution of the mining rewards to many more and smaller miners instead of a few who could possible acquire an ASIC device.


ZHash Equihash variant anti ASIC

What about the future?

The battle with the ASIC manufacturers is never ending though, as new models are constantly released in order to break the resistance of the most popular hashing PoW algorithms.

The BTCZ Community is always trying to monitor the BTCZ mining network and the rewards balance, reacting to any distortion as fast as possible in order to protect the many over the few.

“In Decentralization we trust” is the moto of the BitcoinZ Community!

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