BITCOINZ skyrocketed +75% during a bloodbath day for the cryptocurrency market.Many people wonder why this impressive move took place.

Obviously the coin, against the bearish trend, attracted many buyers.

Which are the reasons behind this extreme move ?


1) The fact that BITCOINZ is a deflationary asset in constrast the “trending” Defi platforms. The Defi platforms that became viral in the cryptocurrency world during the last couple of years have an inflative effect as they make the creation of new (mostly scam) tokens extremely easy. These tokens became too many and are all depending on centralized heavily premined blockchains. ETH is a 70% premined project with fees that touch numbers of even $170 dollars or higher and a constantly increasing max supply.

In contrast, BitcoinZ had no central authority issuing or distributing coins according to a founder’s wish (ICO sales, premine and other techniques) and has a fixed maximum supply that will never change. It fulfills this way all the five fundamentals that define the very essence of a real cryptocurrency.

2) the upcoming halving on October when BITCOINZ closes 4 years of life. This reduces the remaining time for the “big” 12500 coins rewards per block. This will make it even harder to miners to get more BITCOINZ coins.

BITCOINZ rewards halving

3) The Cryptospedia articles and videos that help more people to understand the cryptocurrency definitions and how a pure cryptocurrency network should be.


4)  The increased social activity of the Community members in apps like Twitter and their interaction with influencers and thousands of people. Superb memes and informative cards have pushed the interest and the watchlists in cryptocurrency platforms like CoinMarkeCap, CoinGecko and Blockfolio in new highs.

5)  The great win of the BITCOINZ Community in the voting poll for the listing in dogedex! The BITCOINZ members won against trending “monsters” like Safemoon and Hoge, securing an extra listing to a really innovative DEX platform.


BITCOINZ wins the DogeDEX listing poll

6) importantly : the fact that BitcoinZ has the most fair rules in the whole Cryptospace , remaining loyal to its foundation for years. It was launched with NO premine, NO ICO sales, NO instamine, NO developers taxes. In addition, the project protected the miners community from the ASICS and it has a slow , non speculative reward halving for the mining rewards , exactly like BTC , every 4 years.

All these, combined with hard work and support of its ever growing community had some great results. Stay tuned for more positive news soon!

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