Bitcoinz is a unique blockchain with its own genesis block. It is not a chain fork of Bitcoin  and it never gave any free coins (forkdrops) to any Bitcoin or any other asset’s holder. This is something that all the other Bitcoin-named coins did by just copying the blockchain of  the classic BITCOIN targeting to gain free exposure by offering forkdrops to those who already owned Bitcoins.


Bitcoinz is a coin, not a token! This means that it has its own independent and Decentralized network. It doesn’t depend on any other asset’s network like tokens do. So it doesn’t face the risk of traffic congestion due to other assets, extreme fees or other side effects that can come from the Centralization of too many proxy tokens in one single blockchain.


BitcoinZ is a pure cryptocurrency that honors the original cryptocurrency idea but takes it to the next level.  Its ASIC resistant algorithms let everyone who has a PC to participate in the mining procedure receiving meaningful rewards like it was meant to happen with BITCOIN many years ago. Without antagonizing power-hungry ASIC hardware and the elites that own it.

BITCOINZ mineable crypto


BitcoinZ had no instamine period. More and more facts indicate that even the classic BITCOIN had a long period of instamine where only its founders were mining the coin with zero competition getting over 1 million BTC as rewards alone. On the contrary BitcoinZ’s mainnet  was launched in parallel with the public announcement in BitcoinTalk so everyone would be able to join the network from the very first moment.

BITCOINZ mineable crypto


BitcoinZ has no premined funds, no ICO sales and no hidden fees. More than 99% of the digital “assets” out there allocate a huge or the whole supply to their founders addresses canceling the original cryptocurrency idea, making a small group of people rich who monopolize the market by repeating the same procedure with different projects and new victims. You now know how to stop them.


BitcoinZ was launched as a gift to the world. Its Community is fighting to keep the cryptocurrency vision alive, offering Freedom with an alternative, independent and uncensored network of borderless, fast transactions with next to zero fees, optional privacy and no central authority. 


BitcoinZ is really Community Driven, with no CEO or Company behind it. It is made by people for all people. Not by a company in order to make few investors rich. Its whole supply is distributed only to the Community that supports its network with the Proof of Work model maximizing the Decentralization.


This is a general definition that many projects tend to misuse and abuse. BitcoinZ is truly Decentralized in every level: 1) Its network because of its ASIC resistant algorithm 2) Its Governance due to its Community Driven character and most importantly 3) its Coin Supply Distribution since it implements the Proof of Work model with the most fair and transparent rules.


BitcoinZ’s proposal system, with the community voting for every spending and budget together with its sophisticated Army-Z structure offer the ideal ground for a completely democratized project with equality for all members and at the same time proper community rewards for the most active ones.


BitcoinZ with is its ideal maximum supply and scalability offers next to zero fees. This way it’s ideal even for the transfers of very small sums like $1. Something that most tokens and popular crypto like Ethereum or Bitcoin fail to offer due to their high fees. BitcoinZ is designed so that its fees would be under 1 cent even if it had the high capitalization and network load of Bitcoin!


BitcoinZ offers strong optional privacy to the users, based on the Zk-snarks cryptography. The user is able to choose if he is going to use transparent addresses (t) or private ones (z). Zk-snarks privacy is even harder to be decrypted in comparison with the RingCT technology that Monero uses. Because zk-snarks provide real obfuscation while RingCT privacy is simply achieved by disassociating the identities of senders & recipients.


BitcoinZ, exactly like the classic Bitcoin does, has an immutable maximum supply, pre-defined immutable emissions and slow halving every 4 years for the new coins that are available as mining reward. Thereby bitcoinz follows the fundamentals of the original cryptocurrency concept and doesn’t implement speculative tricks.


BitcoinZ with its immutable maximum supply and diminishing emission rate is a digital asset that can be used as a hedge against inflation. In the flip side, fiat currencies (like the US dollar), inflate over time as its monetary supply increases, leading to a decrease in purchasing power. This is known as monetary debasement by inflation. An example for this can be seen by just comparing the housing prices before some decades and today.


BitcoinZ is an alternative way to store value in a digital form and in a truly Decentralized network that no Central Authority, like a Central Bank, controls. This way people can enjoy complete Freedom and no manipulation. History is full with Bank abuses like the Cypriot Banks haircut by about -50% on 2013 or the countless looted or blocked banking accounts around the world everyday.


BitcoinZ with its faster block time, achieves much faster transaction speed than other classic cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, with plenty of space for even faster speed in the near future. Bitcoinz’s Whitepaper permits core updates that can provide increased speed and scalability.


BitcoinZ with the classic Proof of Work model that decentralizes its network in combination with its ASIC resistant algo that discourages ASIC mining, achieves a high level of security. An extra layer of protection comes from the “Zeuz Fingerz” technology that  targets to make a 51% attack even more difficult to take place.


BitcoinZ was launched on 2017 and has passed the most difficult test: the test of time. It is among the oldest projects that have been truly trying to offer a better network and among the very few that keep at the same time the pure cryptocurrency vision. Its Community is consistently active for years, far before the “crypto gambling” craze begun, with fraudulent founders jumping from project to project and launching useless tokens.


BitcoinZ with its fair launch & pure crypto fundamentals (no premine, 100% PoW & Community Driven, immutable supply, slow halvings) is completely immune to scams and “rug pulls”. Because there wasn’t any founder allocating any coins to his addresses. The only way to get BTCZ coins is by mining. Unfortunately this doesn’t happen with the vast majority of the other crypto and with all tokens where the founders simply allocate the whole supply in their pockets and sell thin air to unsuspecting buyers, helped by big exchanges that have been bribed with a part of this supply. This is why there are so many thousands of useless, inflationary “assets” out there.


BitcoinZ is an open source project. Following the original cryptocurrency idea’s spirit, its community uses GitHub repositories that are publicly available to everyone. For years BitcoinZ has been honoring its principles, serving Freedom, Independency and Democracy in a decentralized and transparent way without hidden coding. A project’s power comes from its fundamendals, its consistency and its acceptance from people.


BitcoinZ can be found in a wide variety of different wallet types and platforms that have won people’s trust in practice. Wallets like Coinomi, Zelcore, Vidulum, AtomicDEX, Electrum, SafePay and others make Bitcoinz a coin that is very easy to store and use in every device, every Operating System and even together with other popular assets.


BitcoinZ is among the very few projects that offer a truly Decentralized Exchange solution with BITCOINZ-DEX. The users can literally trade from their own wallets with unlimited pairs utilizing a peer2peer model powered by the atomic swaps of KMD. This gives future proof independency to everyone, eliminating the need of using proxy tokens that are all centralized on the same chain or Centralized Exchanges and all their associated risks or their long KYC procedures.


BitcoinZ is maybe the only Cryptocurrency that has a so Community Oriented Roadmap where ideas and talents of its community members meet each other and take hypostasis becoming reality. BitcoinZ’s roadmaps are like a living organism, an evolving puzzle with the friends of the project actively participating in the development, interacting and taking decisions for the future plans.


The BitcoinZ Community organizes for years the Z-BRAIN events, a series of on-line conferences where developers and active members present the recent development, discuss for the future plans and interact with everyone who is joining. Z-BRAIN takes place every 6 months, it is broadcasted in YouTube and it is a perfect way for the BitcoinZ friends to learn news about it.


BitcoinZ has an ever expanding ecosystem and Community that are based on decentralized development. Every year new achievements are added to a long list and the Community does its best to deliver history diagrams presenting with transparency the advancement of the project for those who have missed the action or for the new friends of the project that have just joined!


BitcoinZ is the only pure Proof of Work cryptocurrency that someone can get even without mining equipment, by just joining ArmyZ, the social media army of the Project. The members share news or create content for the project and get automated coin “rains” & tips in their Vidulum wallet that is connected with the Discord BitcoinZ Channel. All these rewards are real mined BTCZ coins coming from the Community!


BitcoinZ has a Community Fund that is raised from a Donation Mechanism which had been firstly proposed on 2019 and was upvoted by a vast majority of the community deciding even for its exact percentage. VaultZ is used for funding the Development, Marketing campaigns and new Partnerships with specific yearly budgets that the community vote for.


BitcoinZ’s Community has not accidentally the fame of the most user friendly one in the Cryptoworld. Its number one priority is to help people understand how a cryptocurrency works and most importantly how to stay safe from potential dangers. A visitor can feel that from the very first visit in the BitcoinZ Discord server or in the GETBTCZ.COM site where everything is explained with analysis and examples.


BitcoinZ’s Community has a very long presence in the most popular social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, Telegram, Discord and LinkedIn. The users easily find other friends of the Project, communicate and interact with them. The social media profiles of the BTCZ Community are concentrated in organic growth that comes naturally as more people discover the project. Unfortunately most “crypto” projects use bots and build fake, inflated follower numbers with next to zero interactions.


BitcoinZ’s Community has proved in practice that helping people is more important than speculating: It has made great efforts in order to provide a series of educational, non-profit projects like the Cryptospedia where the user can understand every cryptocurrency definition, watch YouTube tutorials and read articles with tips. Even the GETBTCZ.COM site is connected with the Cryptospedia through clickable keywords.


BitcoinZ connects people not only as a network but in the level of development. With its Community driven character acts as a “creative glue” bringing together individuals with positive energy and talents from different places of the world. The project with its community oriented Dynamic Roadmaps, the Z-Brain e-meetings and Army-Z structure encourages in practice the team spirit, brainstorming  and cooperation, connecting people in this never ending Decentralized Development party. 


BitcoinZ is among the most Green Proof of Work Networks due to its higher TXs per second number in comparison with BTC and its energy efficient Zhash mining algo that  doesn’t let power hungry ASIC miners to join the network. Instead of this, simple PCs can mine BTCZ coins using only their GPUs. This way, the users are able to support the BitcoinZ network with a system that is destined for many other tasks like browsing, watching videos, artwork designing and more. In addition the further reduction of BitcoinZ’s carbon footprint is high in the Community’s agenda under the “GREEN-Z” code name.


Charity has a major role in the BitcoinZ Community’s plans. With a separate Charity Fund, the members of the Project have repeatedly provided help to people and animals that are in need. The campaigns for the Hungarian Bekescsaba’s Down Syndrome Hospital, for Kiva and for the Paw Patrol Shelter in the Cibakháza village are just some examples with many more to follow in the future.


You can find BitcoinZ in more than 14 exchanges and in every popular crypto monitoring platform like CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, Nomics, FTX (ex-Blockfolio), Delta, CoinPaprika, WhattoMine, MiningPoolStats and many more. The project is expanding in more markets and more platforms every year.


You can add extra reasons yourself: By joining the BitcoinZ Community and being the next magic piece in this global puzzle of creativity!


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