The Z-Brain meeting has been completed!

The community members and visitors had the opportunity to learn everything about BITCOINZ.

The topics of the meeting were separated in 6 sections :

1. A few words about the upcoming core updates
2. The recent news about the developments of the last quarter
3. Our social activity numbers with an analytical quarterly report.
4. The updates of the new site and its Cryptospedia section
5. A brief presentation for some of the upcoming subprojects of the BITCOINZ Community
6. Community Feedback


SECTION 1: The Core updates

The representative of the Core team and coordinator of the meeting, mentioned that the tests for the next version are in advanced stage.

In addition there was a nice informative graph describing that the users should be ready to “abandon” the usage of the old type private “Zc” addresses. Instead they should start using only the “Zs” ones, These “Zs” are the private addresses that the wallet generates by default after the sapling update.


Private Addresses BITCOINZ

SECTION 2: Recent News

DogeDEX listing

This was a 100%  Community Victory. The BITCOINZ Community had a high priority listing there after winning a twitter voting competition. This took place despite the fact that the competitor-projects had a very aggressive marketing tactic. We are speaking for projects like safemoon and other centralized tokens which are completely preowned during their launch. So they could afford a massive spending of funds for bot followers.

DogeDEX is an application with both wallet and exchange functionalities. So we can consider it a double listing due to the fact that we now have an extra wallet option and an extra exchange option at once!

You can learn more about DogeDEX by clicking here.




The Community asked for it in recent polls in both twitter and blockfolio and just happened.
Most users had been asking for a USDT market with BITCOINZ. So it has been delivered in one of the classic BITCOINZ Exchanges: CREX24.

Crex24 new BITCOINZ pair

– BITCOINZ  listed again in WhatToMine
This one was a very important advance. WhaToMine is the most popular platform for reporting the mining profitability. So it massively widens the audience for the project. It is no secret that Bitcoinz is almost always on the top places in the list of the most profitable coins for someone to mine, for two basic reasons

1) It is super fair with zero premine, no ICO sales and no instamine period. In simple words , all its supply is distributed to the members of its network, so the profit is always higher in comparison with other coins that were launched without fulfilling the aforementioned characteristics.

2) BITCOINZ has an ASIC resistant mining algo. This way it blocks these machines from mining the coin, letting the PC owners, the common people, to exclusively mine it. So BITCOINZ leads to a fair and decentralized coin distribution.

–  SAFETRADE in CoinMarketCap, a very important partner of BITCOINZ, can be now found in coinmarketcap, reporting the trading liquidity in the most popular informative platform about crypto.
It is super nice to see your loyal partners advancing and going forward because the good projects out there are very few among the countless scams. So the only way to evolve and gain popularity is by cooperation and mutual support between these projects.
We have to remind that SafeTrade is among the trustworthy exchanges with zero issues until today. This is something really rare in the world of crypto . They provide extreme support in special discord channel, 3 BITCOINZ markets (LTC, BTC and SAFE) and almost 3 years of partnership.

Articles and press releases

The team gave special regards to all the dear members of the Community who release or share articles about BITCOINZ.

A part of a recent article titled “how to separate hidden gems in the Cryptocurrency world” was read:

“…Many people seem to misunderstand the need for extra “use cases” that some projects (usually the service providers) intentionally tend to hype. We should be able to separate the projects that are in a bad need to get more use cases, “a reason for existence“. Since they have to prove why they had been premined, with their founders getting the lion’s share or all the coins of the project in their pockets!  In constrast with the few real cryptocurrencies that their fair fundamentals and rules are the reasons to exist and enjoy popularity over time.

A cryptocurrency was supposed to free  people from any central authority issuing or controlling funds. A cryptocurrency was supposed to offer real Decentralization, fair rules and cheap borderless transactions.
The 99% of the cryptocurrency projects are totally unrelated with the above. In the best scenario, some of them act as companies and service providers . In the most usual scenario, they act as scam projects with one single target: To make their founders rich.

Finally, we should not forget that extra use cases or even “Defi” or other functionalities can be developed and added anytime in the future to the few pure cryptocurrencies. In contrast, a clean past with fair rules and launch can never be added to the fake-wannabe-cryptocurrencies””

Press Releases BITCOINZ

– Crypto-meme wars

Pictures from movies, Comic characters , or even simple people under special circumstances that became popular are all used in order to deliver special messages.
The BITCOINZ Community is no exception. Our members had some of the top ideas in all the crypto world and this can be easily verified with a visit to our artwork library where we have concentrated many of them!

By scanning the QR code you can visit this platform. Every member is free to open even his own account and upload creations.
Then every picture can be downloaded and shared by other users or even easily used in forums, social media or articles as embedded . The platform is giving a ready to use url under every artwork exactly like popular hosting & sharing apps like imgur do.


Faucet platforms

The next slide of the show presents the two faucet platforms developed by community members. by Bolo & by PubgPirate.

BITCOINZ faucet platforms

Exchange Listings

A very detailed research for some of the most popular top100 exchanges took place.

In the meeting, the team presented the list with the outcome, separating only a few exchanges where possibly the next BITCOINZ listing could take place without high risk.

The candidate exchanges must fulfill certain parameters like logical withdrawal fees, good fame, long presence in the industry and no strict/sneaky delisting policy.

US + UK accepted clients would be a huge plus for the future BITCOINZ listings.

Exchanges Research by BITCOINZ


In the next slides of the metting, the team presented statistics of the Community’s official social media accounts and the visitors of the page.

The numbers of the last quarter (20 March 2020 to 20 June 2020 period)  are compared with the previous 90-days period (20 Dec 2020 to 20 March 2021).

This was a really impressive quarter for BITCOINZ despite the bearish trend of the last month.

BITCOINZ social reach

The most important thing, like the team has explained, is that all the numbers for the social media profiles are 100% organic and real.

Everyone can easily understand this by just checking the interactions of all the BITCOINZ profiles.

On the contrary, the most crypto projects use bots / fake followers, trying to impress with inflated numbers of followers like 10k, 20k ,100k+  but with screamingly low interaction like a couple of likes and no retweets for twitter or no comments in instagram!


BITCOINZ social media reach


In this section, the team mentioned all the important developments for the getbtcz site:

The progress of the Community translation fixes in different languages, the page about the upcoming halving and the Cryptospedia’s new Video material.


BITCOINZ Site's Translation progress
Top translators BITCOINZ
BITCOINZ Halving Z-Brain
Cryptospedia Videos


In this section, the team mentioned some of the community’s ideas & plans for future development.

Some of them are already under construction and independently funded by members of the community.

Others are still in early stage or under research and have to be voted by the majority of our members in order to get the a proper funding.

The team made clear that a 100% Community driven project like BITCOINZ has only decentralized development. There is no strict roadmap with dates since there is no “company-like” structure and philosophy. It would be like asking the Bitcoin Community “hey which is your roadmap please”? Our dynamic roadmap is exactly this: just a pool with some of the most popular ideas & plans from our members. It is community oriented and updated every 2 years. These future ideas will be included in the next 2022-2023 version.

For BITCOINZ, everything is released and developed by different members and teams and this is the magic element of a pure cryptocurrency network.

Some sub-projects are not even known yet as it is very hard to gather information about everything in a really decentralized environment.

This happened in the past with BitPaylink or PokerZ and other projects which were delivered surprisingly by developers/members of the community without ever being previously announced.


BITCOINZ future development

In the final chapter of the meeting there was a clear invitation by the team : for more action & more people joining our Community and contribute to a 100% pure cryptocurrency project.

Especially people with network and blockchain knowledge are highly needed for BITCOINZ’s expansion.

Thank you all!


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