The ZBrain of 20 March 2021 by the BITCOINZ Community has been completed.

ZBrain is the on-line conference of the Community and it is held every 3 months.

The visitors and the members of the Community watched a presentation of the recent advancements of the Project and some future plans as well.


The topics of the event

1) The developers of the Project 

– described the features of the upcoming 2.1 “Yoda” core update which is already under testing. The new version is going to add new features that are described in the meeting slides.

– presented a mini roadmap for the upcoming core updates

2) A presentation for some of the most important news of the last few months: 

 a) The new listing in the AtomicDEX wallet that offers a truly decentralized exhange platform to the user 

 b) The new BTCZ branded electrum wallet that is now available and features extra import options.

3) An analytical social media report: a)  the new community accounts in more social apps like the LinkedIn and in cryptocurrency platforms like the Blockfolio Signal.

b)  the numbers of followers and watchlists in the last three months in the most popular platforms.

4) There was a brief presentation of the updates in the recently launched BITCOINZ site: – The new domain that has been connected with the Cryptospedia section of the GETBTCZ.COM site.

– The sophisticated human translation system of the site and the sitemap files that are now available. This is enabling the Contributing members of the Community to edit more easily on-the-fly every automated translation. So the members can actively cooperate and give excellent high quality translations in the most languages of the world. Without losing time because they don’t have to write a translation from the beginning !

– The Search Engines Optimization campaigns which help to gain more traffic. By people who search for a really community driven and fair cryptocurrency network.

– The recent high quality video content that has been offered (mining guide for BitcoinZ).

– The new “Support Us” section with donation addresses for everyone who wishes to help the site to grow faster.

5) A brief description of the advantages that Cratex Exchange seems to offer (NO KYC and special discord channel for live support).

6) A Community Feedback section for questions and answers like every time.

Thank you everyone for watching and taking part in this event ! 

You can find the whole slideshow material in the BitcoinZ Library site by clicking here.

What is Z-Brain?

Z-Brain is the on-line conference that the BitcoinZ Community organizes every three months.

Through Z-Brain event series :

The developers present all the recent advancements of the BTCZ Ecosystem.

The members are able to interact with them, discussing new ideas for the Project.

The visitors and friends have the opportunity to watch the whole event and leave their feedback.

Someone can easily realize the important role of the Z-Brain for the BITCOINZ Project. Hence BITCOINZ is 100% Community driven and open to everyone.

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