ZBrain Meeting

The Z-Brain Meeting of 1 October 2022 of the BITCOINZ Community has been completed with the participation of even more speakers and developers.

Z-Brain is the on-line conference of the Community and it is held about every 6 months.


The visitors and BITCOINZ friends had the opportunity to learn about the recent developments of the Project, to welcome new members in the core team and to watch an updated Dynamic Roadmap for 2022-2023. The topics of the even are available below :


1) The recent news of the Project

– The recent listings of BitcoinZ in new markets


– The BITCOINZ 5 YEARS Anniversary with a history diagram including the most important moments of the 5th year.



– The Listings in other platforms like Constellation Wallet, BoxWallet, TCS Lottery Bot in Telegram.

BITCOINZ Listed in TradeOgre

– The Tip.cc and Royal Swap Bot implementation in BitcoinZ Discord Server.


BITCOINZ Yearly VaultZ budgets

2) The social reach numbers

– The growth of the Project in Discord, Twitter, Facebook and Reddit. We should take in mind that BITCOINZ Community accounts don’t use fake followers and such poor tricks. They are concentrated in 100% organic growth with real people and everyone can easily verify this from the extremely high level of interactions in comparison with its follower numbers

– The GETBTCZ.COM visitors growth and the BitcoinZ ArmyZ 2.0 concept’s presentation.


3) The core updates of the Project

Presentation of the most important recently added features and those that will be offered in the near future.

4) The presentation of ConnectZ 

The presentation of the ConnectZ Gateway and its GUI from the developers.

Members can now wrap BitcoinZ native coins in the Binance Smart Chain and unwrap them back in the native BitcoinZ Blockchain!

Dynamic Roadmap by BITCOINZ 2022 - 2023

5) Dynamic Roadmap’s Update

In this section the team explained which targets from the Dynamic Roadmap 2022-2023 version have been already delivered. There was also a discussion about the future development like the Raise-Z platform and additional Bridges with more Blockchains like with Ethereum’s that could expand the BitcoinZ ecosystem even more.

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