The ZBrain of 22 January 2022 by the BITCOINZ Community has been completed.

ZBrain is the on-line conference of the Community and it is held every 6 months.


The visitors and BITCOINZ friends had the opportunity to learn about the recent developments of the Project, to welcome new members in the core team and to watch an updated Dynamic Roadmap for 2022-2023. The topics of the even are available below :


1) The recent news of the Project

– The Exbitron and TradeOgre double listing in the very first years of 2022. The BITCOINZ users can trade against LTC in TradeOgre and against USDT or TRON in Exbitron!


– The BITCOINZ 4 YEARS Anniversary with a history diagram including the most important moments of the 4th year.

– The BITCOINZ Halving that like it happens with the original BTC, it reduces the emission rate aka the new available coins which are distributed as rewards to the miners. The halving’s effect in the long term is making the project ideal as a hedge against inflation. BITCOINZ’s halving has a slow immutable pace and takes place every 4 years, offering plenty of time to everyone to join the network.

– The Community Funds and the voted Yearly budgets for each sector of the project like Marketing, Community Rewards, Development & Treasury.

BITCOINZ Yearly VaultZ budgets


– The Launch of BITCOINZDEX, a sophisticated platform that has a double functionality: it is a wallet and a really Decentralized Exchange, enabling its users to literally trade from their own wallet while they own their private keys for every asset.

– The Launch of Army-Z, a concept that provides to the Project with a social media army of active members helping other people to educate about the Proof of Work Networks and the original cryptocurrency idea. With Army-Z a member, that doesn’t own a PC or mining equipment, can earn real coins that the community fund as reward for his activity. For more information you can visit the site


BITCOINZ Listed in TradeOgre

– PlanetBTCZ which is a faucet platform that has been developed by Bolo, a member of the BITCOINZ Community, offering many different functionalities like dice games, url shorteners , ads watching and more.

– The WhiteBIT Fundraise procedure which as it seems is in perfect shape after a massive donation by an anonymous donor who offered the required sum for the first part of the payment to the exchange. However all the members have to help with the procedure, donating what they can because there are still funds missing from the total sum that the project needs to gather.

– The recent GETBTCZ.COM updates with the migration of the site to an exclusive server and the re-designed main page.

– The addition of two new charismatic developers in the BITCOINZ Core team, Gra and Nedbear you are welcome!


– The recent updates to the tagging method of the miners by Marcelus which leads to a very well organized view of the charted network hashrate.

– The new message signing / Authentication Functionality

– The expansion of the BITCOINZ ElectrumX network.


2) The social reach numbers

– The growth of the Project in Discord, Twitter, Facebook and Reddit. We should take in mind that BITCOINZ Community accounts don’t use fake followers and such poor tricks. They are concentrated in 100% organic growth with real people and everyone can easily verify this from the extremely high level of interactions in comparison with its follower numbers

– The GETBTCZ.COM visitors growth and the countries with the most visitors.


3) The marketing plan of the Project

–  The types of content that its members deliver : youtube content, mini ad-like videos, informative cards and eye catching artworks 

– The Press Releases that are used as central spine of the Community’s strategy for expansion by informing more people.

– The social media activity that offers a Community driven, alternative way of spreading awareness about BITCOINZ. Especially with the recently launched Army-Z.

4) The presentation of the Updated Dynamic Roadmap

The updated BITCOINZ Dynamic Roadmap for the years 2022 – 2023.

It contains :

-classic elements of the Project like the Army-Z and DEX-Z which is planned to be advanced to the next level.

-projects that are already under development like the ones under the code names Connect-Z, DNA-Z, EXPANSE-Z and EARN-Z

-a selection with some of the best ideas that have been either suggested or planned by Community members like RAISE-Z, MARKET-Z and GREEN-Z.

-plenty of space for more projects as it always happens with the Dynamic Roadmaps of BITCOINZ. Since every member can actively participate in adding new puzzle pieces in the BITCOINZ ecosystem.

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Dynamic Roadmap by BITCOINZ 2022 - 2023

5) Community Feedback 

The most classic section of a ZBrain meeting where everyone is free make questions in the chat and the participants give answers and discuss everything. 

Community Feedback

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