The next Z-Brain meeting for 2020 is near! Everyone please write down the date on your calendar : Saturday, 12 September 2020, 6pm (gmt+1).

Z-Brain is the great on-line meeting that the BitcoinZ Community organizes every few months.

Z-Brain offers the opportunity to everyone to interact with the Project.

The developers can present the advancements of the BTCZ Ecosystem. The members are able to discuss new ideas for the project and add future targets. The visitors and friends of the Project have the opportunity to watch the whole event and realize how important it is for a really Community driven Project, open for everyone!

The next meeting of 12 September 2020 is extra meaningful because the BITCOINZ Project will be celebrating its 3rd year of life! The Z-team is going to present a histogram, like every year, with some of the most important moments of its 3rd year of life.

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