The time for the December ZBrain Meeting is approaching and the link for it is now ready!

So you can save this link and check the time of the event for your city in the card below. (clicking in this card will drive you there as well)

Other ZBrain links

Our event has been already added in the CoinMarketCap event list.

You can check out our CMC event here.

What is ZBrain?

Zbrain is the online conference of the BitcoinZ Community. It is organized every 3 months and everyone is free to join them.

With Zbrain, everyone can learn about the recent advancements of the BTCZ Ecosystem and the future plans of the Project. Additionally, the visitor can interact with members of the Community and the development team.

Obviously, ZBrain plays a critical rolefor BitcoinZ. Because the BitcoinZ Project is a really Democratized and Decentralized one, 100% driven by its Community.  It hasn’t any company structure and the Community’s work and feedback is necessary for its expansion.


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