In this section feel free to explore the ever evolving BitcoinZ ecosystem!

The BTCZ Worldwide Network

The spine of the BITCOINZ Ecosystem is its network of miners and full wallet nodes around the world. This network is verifying every BTCZ transaction and it is storing it in the BITCOINZ Blockchain. Please take in mind that by joining the BitcoinZ Network, either by running a full wallet node , or by mining with your hardware, you are helping to empower the project! (More information for running a Full Wallet node here. More information for mining BTCZ here)

The users can always access the transactions data of the network with the btcz blockchain explorers. You can visit the btcz explorer with this link.

 We have to underline that there are two types of transactions with BITCOINZ : the transparent ones (t) which are recorded in the explorer with all the required data and the private ones which are cryptographed with the ZK-SNARKS cryptography (z).

The BTCZ Wallet types

By using a BTCZ wallet , everyone is able to interact with the BitcoinZ ecosystem and become a part of it. With a BTCZ wallet you can generate BTCZ addresses where you can receive and store bitcoinz coins or you can send bitcoinz coins to other addresses and pay for services and products

There is a great variety of BitcoinZ wallet types for every possible combination of operating system and device type (desktop and laptops or mobile devices like smartphones and tablets etc).

Learn more about the BitcoinZ wallet types and availability per platform!


VAULTZ : The Community Fund

The VaultZ is the Community Fund of the BitcoinZ Project. With an automated funding mechanism that gathers funds for the expansion of the Project, by sending the 5% of each block reward, the Community Fund is being raised in order to support the expansion of the Project. 

VaultZ is a completely fair and democratized model and has been voted from all the Community members with a great majority of 96% in a special voting procedure. The Community members have even decided for the percentage (5%) that VaultZ would receive from each block reward and for each VaultZ use case.

BTCZ.ME easy share



Every member in the BITCOINZ Community can create BTCZ addresses where bitcoinz coins can be stored and used.

However BITCOINZ provides a revolutionary way to easily share a desired btcz address publicly after matching it with a desired nickname!

(Currently offline for maintenance)

This is the BTCZ.ME feature and it makes the payment with btcz an extremely fast and easy procedure. Artists, freelancers , organizations and virtually everyone else are going to love this.

An example : Mystic Symphony music band can accept donations giving the link :

It’s so simple! Learn more about feature with a mini guide coming here soon.

BTCZ Payment Gateways

The BitcoinZ Development teams have created a series of BitcoinZ Payment Gateways for different platforms.

The role of a Payment Gateway is crucial because it mediates between the user and third applications  in order to make BitcoinZ transactions possible. For example the BTCZ.APP team has designed BTCZ Payment Gateways for Cubecart, for WooCommerce and other trading platforms. This way, an e-shop owner or an artist can add the desired Gateway to his online shop and can very easily accept bitcoinz payments by all the clients who have bitcoinz wallets , enjoying all the advantages of BitcoinZ , like the virtually zero transaction fees, the fast speed of execution or the privacy, to name just a few.

An example of BITCOINZ Payment Gateway : The epic music artists Mystic Symphony are selling their mini digital music album using a BitcoinZ payment gateway at

More information about the BitcoinZ Payment Gateways can be found here

BTCZ Directory (places where BTCZ is accepted)

 The BITCOINZ Directory includes places where BTCZ coins are accepted. The final goal for a cryptocurrency which is building its popularity is the acceptance as a payment method : the use cases.

You can find some of the most popular BTCZ accepting places in our home page in a list at the lowest part. is another website that tries to keep an updated list, providing geographical filters as an extra feature.

The Exchanges hosting BTCZ

The exchanges where BITCOINZ is accepted have a critical part in BITCOINZ’s Ecosystem. Using an exchange, a user can turn a digital coin to other coins like Bitcoin or Ethereum or even to FIAT currencies like dollars or euros. This is achieved with the offered exchanging pairs like BTCZ/BTC meaning that you can buy BTCZ with Bitcoin or sell BTCZ in order to receive Bitcoin. Imagine a situation like traveling to another country and you wish to turn some of your money to another currency in an exchange but it is happening online!

The BitcoinZ coins are currently accepted to 7 exchanges : STEX , CREX24 , SAFETRADE, ALPHA-BTC, GRAVIEX, EXRATES and CRATEX.

*The BTCZ Community strongly recommends to read our useful tips about choosing an exchange in order to protect yourself from frauds.

TXTZ Feature

The BitcoinZ Community is the first cryptocurrency Community  which has successfully developed a technology that allows sending coins by using a simple SMS with even an old-technology mobile phone (without internet connection!). This feature could be extremely important for the coin’s adoption in countries of the “third world” where the expensive smartphones are impossible to be bought and the internet connection is not always available. Another target group could be the elder people who love the old fashioned mobile phone devices.

Currently the BTCZ.APP development team is working for expanding the functionality of the BITCOINZ TXTZ feature, trying to add the option of getting phone credits using btcz coins and the development of a TXTZ service platform for other cryptocurrencies using the btcz as intermediate, a goal mentioned in the BitcoinZ Dynamic Roadmap as well.

You can visit the BTCZ.APP TXTZ site for more details here.




The BitcoinZ Community always try to give the best example around the world. Many times, an action is much more important than just gathering funds. This is why some Community members are trying to be organized in active teams , offering a helping hand to elderly people , to children who are in need or animals that are victims of the environment’s degradation or to offensive human activity.

BitcoinZ had even its own Charity mascot: the Fairy Z. Last Christmas , she delivered gifts and smiles to the children in the Hungarian Bekescsaba’s Down Syndrome Hospital  for children and our BTCZ Charity Manager spent a lovely morning playing with the children!

With the Community’s donations we can do more and more good deeds in the future.

You can make your donations in the BTCZ Community Charity Fund here.

You can join our charity teams here.




BitcoinZ in collaboration with Safecoin, is the first cryptocurrency which announced a complete Cryptocurrency Payment System for restaurants in 2018 : The KioskZ terminal. The presentation of the prototype followed the announcement and now the KioskZ is planned to be used for the Digital EatZ , a future target of BitcoinZ’s Dynamic Roadmap. With Digital EatZ, the two cryptocurrency projects will offer a complete payment solution for the whole sector of dinning and casual eateries, supporting other digital coins as well.

You can watch the presentation of KioskZ and the interview of David Amelie, its designer, here.



Every member in the BITCOINZ Community can enjoy easy to use apps and tools that have been developed by other members or developer teams. Some examples are the Giveaway Tool by the team, which is used for sending gifts to your friends with automated email notifications , the which keeps the members informed about the Community Funds and the ZHashOS, a useful alternative operation system for more effective mining,


BitcoinZ as a completely open and Community driven project, has many members who have contributed with promotional creations like images, flyers, graphical arts and logos for the peripheral sub projects and many other. There are several sources, like the numerous BTCZ social media profiles, for all these, however by the end of 2019 all the members can easily get access to collections of all this material in a dedicated domain which contains an organized library.

There you can find for example your favorite sticker, the desired “BitcoinZ Accepted” label for your site or an informative poster that you would like to use in your Social media profile where your friends can learn more about BitcoinZ and its unique Ecosystem. You can even create your own collection with material that is not included in the library or with completely new creations!

Gaming Z

Gaming apps are gaining ground day by day with many of them being really popular.  The btcz Community has founded the steam btcz Community ( he where you can find btcz contests or play games and chat with your friends from the btcz Community.

The Dynamic Roadmap of BTCZ is including the developement of gaming apps with btcz coin rewards. The first steps in this section have been done by the team which has offered a  btcz customized minecraft game, with btcz coin rewards. You can access its server info with this link.

Many more coming soon!


Gamble Z

Coming Soon

The Z Market
This is a future feature of the BitcoinZ Ecosystem which is not even charted in the 2019-2021 Roadmap. The project’s details are not publicly available, however this is going to add many extra use cases for the bitcoinz coins! Stay tuned for more information soon.

The BitcoinZ Radio is a web radio that broadcasts 24h quality music and bitcoinz informative radio sessions!


Coming Soon

The Developer Teams of BitcoinZ are playing a very important role for the project. Unlike other cryptocurrency projects , which have usually just one team backing them, BitcoinZ as a pure Community Coin, has multiple development teams. Virtually everyone among the active members of the Community can create a team with other talented members and develop sub projects for the BTCZ ecosystem. Decentralization in action!

This way, BitcoinZ has already its second developers team, the team which has been founded exclusively by members of its Community. The first one is the core developer team, named “Z” team. Join the unique BTCZ Community and help the project to get more and more developers in new teams!


The BITCOINZ Community is the most important element of the Project. BITCOINZ is not backed by any company and it doesn’t has any owner or known founder. It was given as a gift to the world with everyone being free to join its network and help its ecosystem to grow.This is the reason why the Community plays a so critical role for BITCOINZ.

The power of the Project is its people. In the very end, this should be the ultimate target for a digital coin: the adoption by the people and the care to spread awareness about it. This can only come from the realization of the freedom and the other advantages that a digital coin can offer to the worldwide society. It is not an easy thing to happen, but we can all help to change our World to a much better one.

Be the next who will join the BITCOINZ Community!

Coming Soon

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